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  1. All Catfishing
    Hey there! I am originally just a guy born and raised in Southern California. I have recently relocated to West Knoxville, TN, and looking for some places to catch some whiskers! I came across this forum and thought I would reach out and get to know the community. Being new to the area I have...
    Has anyone ever tried using dead mice for bait? A friend of mine gets frozen ones for his snake and I was wondering if they or something like them has been used and to what success.
    Fairly new to the Kansas City area, and tryin to find good places for bank fishing, also, i have a cast net but i heard theres not much shad in the river, where can i find some effective places to throw?
  4. Livewell and Bait Tank Review
    There are a lot of different ideas out there on how to make a bait tank. Here's a setup that I did. The only real "build" here is the bucket filter, but that's the most important part of the whole system. Hope this is helpful to those who are wanting to do this.
    Is it legal in Illinois to use bull heads for bait ?
    First post Hi fellow catfishers and thanks for allowing me to join and learn. I am really new to the cat fishing scene. I started watching kayak catfish and catfish Dave on YouTube and I got the itch. Bought the gear and went out chasing bait in November, first fishing trip in December. I’ve...
  7. Fishing Bait Review
    I fish a lot with fresh cut bait. I read somewhere fish like salt. Has anyone tried using salt with the fresh cutbait or will it take the freshness out?
  8. Homemade baits
    Hi, I'm Christopher. I live in Southern Mississippi and have been fishing for channel catfish practically my whole life. For over a year now, I've been experimenting with making my own punch baits. This is the basic recipe and process I currently use to make my bait. I am constantly...
    All- Had the pleasure of fishing with Dan(Jesus Saves) on my home lake last night, Lake Monroe. It's no secret that there are plenty of fish in the lake, and its 10,000 acres can seem daunting. Half the battle of any fisherman is eliminating unproductive water. The bigger the lake, the...
    can anyone tell me where a good spot close to south knoxville for catching skipjack would be? any dam in particular that seems to have a healthy population?
  11. Bank Fishing
    Hey guys, I'm a new member and also a novice when it comes to cat fishing. I use to fish for a lot of carp and catfish when I was younger with my father but pretty much had him do everything for me (bait, make the rigs, etc.) and then lost interest in fishing come high school. It's nearly a...
    July 16th. I picked up my brother at 06:00 and drove to the river. We started getting our 5 rods in the water at 06:30. The river was clear and a slow current, we had hoped for some action. We had thawed small skipjack, shad, chicken liver and seasoned chicken breast, plus 2 decent size fresh...
    Hello all! I just moved to MI from TN. Now that it’s warmed up, I want to get out and do some fishing. I spent a lot of time drift fishing TN/KY rivers for trophy Blue Cats and Flatheads. The past few days I’ve been studying maps of Holloway Reservoir. My plans is to target larger Channel cats...
  14. Fishing Bait Review
    I was wondering instead of using a treble hook could I use a double action circle hook with a team catfish furry thing for Danny kings punch bait instead. Just a plain treble hook
  15. Fishing Bait Review
    We just got some and are planning on using it Next weekend and I was wondering if it can still be used with a plain treble hook like other punch baits or does it have to be used with a brush lunker hooks ?
    Howdy all. Long time, no post. I left Missouri and have settled in western South Dakota. I am supervising the rifle shop for H-S Precision here in Rapid City. I miss the big rivers and big fish. I have been forced to chase the Channel Cats in smaller rivers as well as the Missouri around Pierre...
    April 22nd. My grandson and I headed for our local lake for some catfishing since the Ohio River is still too high to fish. We got our lines in the water around 13:30, a few minutes later my grandson caught a nice Bluegill. I felt that we were in for some action for a change. A guy to our...
  18. Catfishing Baits
    My hometown Wal-Mart now carries prepackaged saltwater bait. Yes, it is odd for living in Michigan. There is raw shrimp, squid, and finger mullet for purchase. Has anybody used any of these? I know it's not as good as fresh bait, but I am going to give it a try.
  19. Homemade baits
    A friend of mine told me about mixing a can of cheap biscuit dough and hambuger for catfish. I did he instructions he gave me. when I tried it on the river the dough just feel of the hook! I wonder what I need to add to the stuff so it says on the hook for a reason amout of time. Thanks in...
    need to buy some frozen bait. any suggestions. dave
1-20 of 24 Results