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  1. Over3footbluecat

    This monster weighs over 35 lbs (because he broke my line), probably because he was full of mussels. Nonetheless his fillet was over 2’ long so I jumped in the river after him. Lucky I got him back, eh? Caught him on live nightcrawlers. He stuck out the bucket good. Yeah...
  2. Blue Cat Behemoth

    Not my biggest, but this is a good day for the Fish Whisperer. I’m 5’11”, this one’s Over 2 1/2 feet long (maybe 3) he easily dwarfs my arm and is over half my wingspan. I caught him using Big Red brand worms, I can dig my own but I gave this a try. He’s wider and longer, he’s at a tilted angle
1-2 of 2 Results