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    1. dtwbcs
      Found your website--Just placed my order
    2. BajaCoop
      Give me a shout when you get a chance. Your PM box is full.
    3. moriverflats
      If u don't mind sharing...what is your rod n reel setup? Mostly curious to know which reels you are havin the best luck with. I'm not too happy w what I've got, looking to upgrade. Thanks
    4. Teresa
      I don't know if my anchor will be ready by this weekend but if it is you can just bring it to the gathering. We will be there Thurs. night.
    5. McLovin
      Hey troy, I'm wanting to try and stock up on some asian carp before it's time to start hitting the river....is there anywhere up by you to get the asian carp?
    6. Seth
      Are you heading to the MariOsa this weekend? Dad and I are wanting to go somewhere but haven't decided for sure where yet. We may just head there since it's close. I got good word the whites were biting pretty decently up there also.
    7. Snagman23
      Troy, I'm thinking of going to Labadie on the MO river tomorrow. Have you ever snagged there by boat?(strategies?) I'm going to the snagmasters next weekend, so i don't really need too much meat, but I just want to catch something!! Do you know what may be biting at the powerplant chute now? Catfish, white bass, mooneye, etc.
    8. Seth
      How's everything going Troy? Been a while since I talked to ya. How did you end up doing deer hunting? I remember reading your boy seen a whopper during doe season and that you had a plan for him come smokepole season. I ended up with two archery kills (9pt buck and button) and one rifle kill (doe) this year. A lot of hours were logged in the stand and I had a fantastic season up till opening day of rifle season. I seen nine deer opening morning but nothing I wanted to shoot. After that I only seen three more deer the rest of the season!

      I'm getting restless waiting for this weather to break. I have no issues fishing in the winter, but I'd like it to atleast be int he 30's lol. Heck even that is asking too much lately. Spoonbill are starting to haunt my dreams and we still got almost 2 months till season!
    9. TennesseeJugger
      Thanks for the reps
    10. blue75966
      thanks for telling me all about that fish. i fished everywhere in my life and just never saw that fish at all. i kinda wanna go fishing for one now.they look really cool in your pics. i wonder if you can put one on your wall?
    11. Seth
      Been doin any good fishin down your way? Myself and a buddy went last night from about 6-11:30 and didn't catch shit like always. I had a lot of hits on a flat between a trail dyke and a wing dyke with lots of current, but I think it was gar or tiny catfish. Marked a lot of fish on bottom there though so I thought I found where the catfish were hiding.

      All I had for bait was frozen skipjack. I can't ever find asian carp to jump for me anymore. I'm not sure what gives. Maybe my Etec is too damn quite I dunno. They jumped all over when I had my 2 stroke Yamaha.
    12. moav81
      Troy saw your picture of you over in Iraq. That a sham shield I see on that boonie? Whats your mos/unit?
    13. moav81
      Hows it going down your way Troy?
    14. larry again
      larry again
      have you ever seen the mayfly hatch at the Mari-Osa camp grounds under the dust to dawn light.what a sight a pile of mayflies 4 to 6 foot tall and 10 foot at base.took Bob and I three hours to shovel them into the Osage. had bluegills,walleyes,skipjacks, and mooneyes everwhere.FUN !!!!!
    15. Seth
      You been doing any fishing at the Gasconade?
    16. Jeremy Sheffey
      Jeremy Sheffey
      how is the snagging going these days???
    17. Catfishboy1995
      Picked me up a PP rod today...7' H actin 50-80lb line 4-8oz sinkers...It is the boat model...
    18. Catfishboy1995
      Man that had to suck bad.....Might go fishing Later today...It hasnt started snowing yet...But it will in the next 6 hours or so..
    19. Catfishboy1995
      Hey Troy, Did you guys have any luck today?
    20. festus
      Thanks for the tips on the rod, Troy. I won't have time to use it till next week
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