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Aug 27, 2020
Jul 30, 2007
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Steve Douglas

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Aug 27, 2020
    1. Ed Dutton
      Ed Dutton
      Dear Mr. Steve Douglas . I just want to thank you . Because of you I had to buy a new boat . All kidding aside , I did buy a new boat . My boy got me out fishing . So I bought a new boat . SeaArk Pro Cat 240 with Mercury Pro XS250 V8 Torquemaster . Happy New Year and thanks for all you do .
    2. 826storm
      Steve... How does a guy go about getting a monster rod holders shirt?
    3. CatFighter
      Hey, I watched a bunch of your youtube videos; thanks for the info!
    4. Tool958
      Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours Steve!
    5. Steve Douglas
      Steve Douglas
      just the way they do it!
    6. tbull
      Is there a reason that Cabelas holds there big events on Friday and Sat, instead of Sat and Sun? Or is it just the way they always do it?
    7. 223reload
      Your PM box is full again, lol I will be shipping the knife out todau, havent had a chance to get to the post office till today , the wifes day off, so its heading your way.
    8. 223reload
      Glad you like the pics, I sincerely hope you are as pleased with this as I am sir.
    9. catoon
      well congrats was your wife fishing with you
    10. Elpy54
      did you ever get those stainless monsters going? I talked to you about them on the phone a while back when i bought the last of your old style ones.
    11. RebelMan
      checked out your videos on drift fishing and I will be trying it out for channels in early november thanks for everything your doing for the future of catfishing!
    12. StuBaby76
      what up Steve!! love videos on u tube man!! tried out "Drft fishin" po' man style (on a jon-boat)!! loved it!!!! wish i could afford it, to do it like u man, maybe one day...later!!
    13. MAURICIOMAP2003
      Hey steve, what rods and reels do you use? i'm just now starting up with catfishin and wanted some advice on some gear.
    14. metalman
      Congrats on the tourney win...W
      Hey Steve Douglas, thanks so much for the recent catfishing video on the Ohio river. Awesome stuff! I am going to try it this weekend on the Arkansas river. Thanks again!
    16. Steve Douglas
      Steve Douglas
      i used course thead galivinized roofing screws
    17. CountryHart
      Steve, how did you anchor your rod rack on that fiberglass boat. I'm building 2 for the corners of mine but ain't sure how to anchor them. Any help would be great.
    18. bruce edmunds
      bruce edmunds
      team rebel fish here carolinacatmen tourney trail,how do we become a pro staff member or a teammember,check us out in the tourney section ,carolina catmen or cataba catfish club,we need some holders that dont bend,lol,like my 45 drift masters did on monticello tourney,you need someone to show caseyour product around sc we will do it thanks bruce
    19. GrandpaGoneFishing
      Steve due to lack of motivation, My life has gone to hell. you would be better off to get a new Person. Team Jay is, Lets just say off his game. Thanks for every thing. Still your Buddy.
    20. cyncitycat
      hey steve i got my order monster rod holders they are nice just letting you know i did not get my stickers thanks.
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