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Sep 13, 2015
Aug 16, 2005
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New Member, from LaGrange, Ky.

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Sep 13, 2015
    1. Flamekeeper
      Here it is Dave, Go to ( My new abassadeur alphamar reels ) Thread . Shes a brute.
    2. Flamekeeper
      Dave , where's that fish at?, I thought you were going to make a new avatar pic. You still cannot load pic's?? I cannot either here on the boc but I can every where else.. Its got to be in the add files everythings good until you click it , then it all shuts down. I've tried everthing to get someone to look into this problem and somehow get it fixed..Maybe someday.. You'll be able to post your new PB,Blue Cat...
    3. Flamekeeper
      You knw anything about the feul systems on a ford 150 300 inline 6 cylinder with EFI?
    4. Flamekeeper
      Sorry dave about not bringing the bag up their bro been working downtown.I haven't forgot though,,You going fishing this weekend?--just kidden man. you gonna be home?

      My ford's fuel system went haywire and it just died on me yesterday morning at the bank in crestwood, so I'm going to send it to the shop..I have to drive the chevy until it gets fixed,, Man thats going to cost me, Gas at 2.89 premium( which it takes to keep it running right) and getting 3.8 -4 miles a can do the math on that..LMHO..Lou-and back everyday MAN,,. Guy cannot start on the ford until monday after he gets back in town.. Just about my luck.

      Have a good one Dave ..
    5. Flamekeeper
      You go today? is what I mean't by my earlier pm. man you might have caught something too if you did.

      Merry Christmas as well..
    6. johndeere nut
      johndeere nut
      glad your still workin we arent getting 40 but at least we are getting something hopefully we can catch a day with good weather and calm wind that we might be able to go do some fishing hope you and your family have a good christmas and i will be in touch if we have a day that we might be able to go fish.
    7. johndeere nut
      johndeere nut
      hey dave yeah i would love to go i gotta work wendsday then off from thursday through sunday maybe we can get together and do some fishin hows work holdin out for ya we are real slow
    8. Flamekeeper
      Man that ain't no good .I would have thought they were hitt-en. I'm going to have to hunt for another job if the work don't pick up or at lease one or 2 contracts for the winter..

      I've never seen it this bad, But I know the Lord will provide.. got to have faith. I get some$$$ up and a free weekend or day I'll holler at ya, and maybe we can go chase a few cats, Kenny
    9. Flamekeeper
      Thanks for the reps, you never did say how many fish you got , or did you go?
    10. Flamekeeper
      you go today?, Ididn't get the door on till about I thought it was never going to line up right,,Thats what you get when you put nice square stuff into a out of square old home.LOL It takes forever to fix everything to make things right. But we got her in and it turned out well thats all that count's I quess...

      Give me a shout when you get the urge to go again. Kenny
    11. johndeere nut
      johndeere nut
      hey dave you wanna go fish tomorrow let me know we can meet at the ramp at the same time and see if we can catch some fish 643-3356
    12. Flamekeeper
      5 or 6 is better than what we ended up with,or getting skunked LOL...

      I think the fishing will get better as the winter progresses. When you going?
    13. johndeere nut
      johndeere nut
      Hey dave it was really good to get to meet you and fish cant wait to go again and get on some more fish nice to know their are some genuine people who share the same passion about fishin and landscaping.when i got home i left those shad in the cooler for 2hrs dag gone if they werent still kickin when they hit the freezer.
    14. Flamekeeper
      How many did you guys catch??
    15. johndeere nut
      johndeere nut
      Hey skipjack you gonna be doin any fishin this weekend im thinkin of putting in at westport on sunday let me know if your goin
      Thanks for the Reps bro
    17. tackleholic
      I have'nt heard from you for awhile. I can go fishing sometime thru the week on my days off. Just send me a pm.
    18. Flamekeeper
      My bro and I will be there in the morning, and probaly fri morning also if we haven't got enough skips...We don't stay long because of work,maybe 9-11am we'll be hauling outa there..LOL..I'll let you know how they are doing tomorrow night, today we only got 5 in 3 hrs ,,that ain't no good at all..Hopefully they will be packed in there in the morning. Might see you over there fri ..Kenny
    19. Flamekeeper
      Sure, we are freinds Bro, were all family on the BOC..LOL..
      You catching many fish?.
    20. rythymroach
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