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Oct 30, 2016
    1. RayA
      well hopefully some day we can set down and hit a few licks. ive been playingforever but still not got mush lead that was always my brothers part. he had a stroke of sorts last october and hasnt picked up a guitar since that i know of. we played together every Wednesday night for about 12-13 yrs. was just our outlet once a week.me and the bass player still play every wed night .
    2. fubar4life2010
      Yes sir!
      Do a little blues myself!
    3. RayA
      well greg thanks for the info those 888 are a pretty tough reel for a spincast Yaa next spring we will deff have to hook up and catch some fish i know how honest i really do LOL but yaa i will bring a couple ultralites and we'll giveum hell for a couple days. hopefully wont be as cool or wet either. the loc tite i was going to use is the blue ya can heat the tip a lil and it turns loose not sure how long it will last thanks again budd hope yer getting to fish some iam goin this weekend rain, shit ,snow or flood
    4. south point
      south point
      for bowfishing reels, I use retrievers, by AMS. the reason being, if ya forget to push the button on a zebco its by-by 15$ arrow! and I can run much heavier line on my retriever than a spincaster, but retrievers are a b!tch to reel a fish in with compared to a zebco, so it's a wash I guess. if ya can wait till spring camp, I have a 888 I'll give ya, reel seat and all. I never use it anymore.
      speaking of spring camp, jim and I plan on being there the whole weekend so bring your crappie poles, too cause if the kitties aint biting, we're gonna round up a meal of slabs! see ya then!
    5. south point
      south point
      hey Ray! got ya a new toy, huh? well, first of all, don't loctite your practice tips if you ever want to unthread them and put broadheads on them. loctite will seize up the threads for sure I tighten mine with a pair of pliers and just deal with em coming loose once in a while.
      I too use the rage broadheads, but I chose the 3 blade model but the 2 blades are awsome too. that said, if your on a budget use what you already have. good (lucky) arrow placement is what kills deer! I think a field point would put one down almost as fast as a broadhead if ya shoot em in the heart/lungs.
      I gotta tell ya though, Ray, you can skimp on the arrows, and the tips and most everything, but pend some extra money and get a drop away arrow rest. preferably a "capture" type drop away. the drop instantly loses contact with the arrow at the shot and that eliminates human error much sooner than other arrow rests. plus, this rest would work well with both hunting and bowfishing arrows.
    6. south point
      south point
      ya, ray, that all niter still has me whopped good! didn,t help any the the alternator went out on my exploder on the ride home! battery crapped out around jeff city so I used the one in the boat and got a little past mt. sterling then that one died. we cleaned crappies while we waited for a tow truck, right on the side of the road! that got us some funny looks! made for another late night but at least I work with the tow company so that one was on the house, LoL!
      we will do it again, some time. I'll try to save a spot for ya for next year' gathering and make sure you get some fish. and I'll have to get you on the lake for a mess of slabs, too! I like to troll with bandit crankbaits and its a fast, fun way to load the freezer
    7. south point
      south point
      hey ray!glad you got to go out fishin with us, just wish you had some better luck. after you left us we started drift fishin downstream from where we were last and we ended up catchin quit a few small blues. biggest was only 4lbs or so but it was fun. then we went up on truman and caught some nice crappies. we kept about 20 of em, all about 10 inches or so, the biggest was over 12.
      had a great time and it was good to meet ya!
    8. moav81
      Hows it going Ray? That rod treating you well still?
    9. punkin570
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Ray. Hope Santa is good to y'all!!!
    10. catdaddy007
      Merry Christmas !
    11. 223reload
      good idea,Ray ,that would make a cool pic
    12. 223reload
      Got the hook yesterday,Ray, thanks ,its hangin on my rear view now lol
    13. BIG GEORGE
      Why not. You need a shave just like me. LOL!
    14. tallmanrus
      Ray thanks for the friend invite- wish i could hang out by the water for the allnighter with ya.
    15. RayA
      Well trying to decide on which to fish tonight got 7-8 grandkids comeing to my house for a sleep over tonight and Dont know whither to fish the river or maybe try a cople diff smaller lakes. either way its gona be a all nighter.
    16. RayA
      Guys if i dont answer yer friend request try again iam still figuring this forum out
    17. Timp
      Was that you I passed the morning (8/22/10) on Jacomo around 0730ish? I was in the canoe.
    18. ammo warrior
      ammo warrior
      Thanks for the best wishes for our wedding...
    19. RayA
      Well spent half the night on the river at Sibley ramp. caught a few bell dingers (they wernt big enough to ring the bells) 4-5 channels and one lonesome lil Flathead . used 5 oz and gradually worked back to 3 ounce and went from a 5/0 kahle to a 2/0 just to get a fish on. Started to go to the lil creek mouth just west of the ramp but it needs a chainsaw and weed eater takein to the trail. was half soakin wet in the first 100 ft.
    20. RayA
      Well here it is damn near august and Ive yet to set the hook on a good fish. rivers higher than a Jaaraffi's hinny and Lakes are full as can be.Hopefull by september ya will be able to see the trail dikes.
      This bank fishin is for the birds.
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