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Feb 13, 2013
    1. catfish_hunter01
      earth to Don earth to Don
      anyone there
      please pick up
    2. Severefish
      Don, I read your article about topwater Flatheads. I absolutely loved it because it is the most innovative thing i've heard of since my float tube&vertical jig Gulp method. Have you experimented any more with this? Any more success? I used to do a lot of midnight bassn in my tube with torpedos and big, black jitterbugs and always found it surprising that a Big Flatty never hammered one. Anyways, thank you for the good read, and I cant wait to try it again!
    3. Flathead Frank
      Flathead Frank
      Missed ya at the canal tourney this year. Hope all is well.
    4. playin4funami
      still here just technologically challenged, no internet, no computer, I sure miss spending countless hours on the computer, but at least I am getting some other stuff done,lol!
    5. fmb
      You still around bro?
    6. fmb
      Hey I saw your post, what hooks are you running?
    7. TennesseeJugger
      Thanks for the reps!
    8. CatfishProwler528
      There are a ton of nice flatheads in Lovewell, that's where I've caught all of my flatheads. Biggest one was 28 pounds in the Inlet Canal on a mudpuppy. I've seen a 72 pounder caught on the corner of the Inlet Canal, and have been hooked into some HUGE fish down there. I will be fishing it a lot more again, so I plan on getting hooked and landing some flatheads out of there this summer. I'm in close contact with the head fisheries biologist, Scott Waters, down there and he gives me tips and secrets on Lovewell and Glen Elder about the secret go to spots where the flatheads are. And thank you, all the credit goes to Frank for letting me know about this site! The last couple years there have been too many laotian/chinese people down there that have zero respect for other fisherman that have been a pain in the rear. Sounds like a plan to me, we can definately carpool, we will be doing a lot of fishing this summer!
    9. CatfishProwler528
      You are correct! Good ol' Oak Hill. I grew up in Smith Center, KS so I grew up fishing Lovewell, Glen Elder, and the Soloman River since I was 2 or 3. Lovewell and Glen Elder are my honeyholes. We will for sure get some fishing in sometime this summer, definately will be a good year of fishing!
    10. Catfishboy1995
      Thanks for the Reps Don!!!
    11. flatheadhuntin
      Was just wandering, how do the okuma reels hold up compared to the abu's while fishing for flats?
    12. catfish_hunter01
      earth to Don earth to Don
      anyone there
      please pick up
    13. plainsman
      Its been awhile, but I"m finally planning to head to the midwest. I still have the reels I told ya about, a shakespeare and zebco, that I will be glad to drop off, not sure what day or time of day, I can just leave em on the door step if its middle of the night. I wish I was leavin this weekend, but got to wait on a paycheck probably early Nov. I can send a message or call ya when I depart, or when I get close. I ain't concerned if ya use em or give em to a worthy cause, up to you. I'd just be glad if someone could get some use out of em. Wish I'd got outa here sooner, but doctors kept me busy and frustrated.
    14. fmb
      DON HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!! going to the canal again tonight.....whats the deal man????? i havn't heard/seen ya for months.......did you quit fishing???? anyways we will have the camper out there again tonight....steaks, drinks, cigars all the fishing goodies!!!!! come on out man
    15. catfish_hunter01
      sup in the hood?
    16. catfish_hunter01
      Why does it say uma after it says ok on your shirt>?
    17. playin4funami
      thanks pete, guys I am not a usca licensed seller, just did a trade deal with pete here,great guy and the deal was a good one for both of us. on the buy sell and trade forum. If I could afford pauls advertisement spots I wouldn't be able to keep up with the orders,lol. just playin around in my garage some is all and staying busy.
    18. Cathunter Pete
      Cathunter Pete
      Thanks for the weights brother!! Don has the highest quality lead on the site! Plus he's an extremely fast shipper! This is the man to buy your weights from!!
    19. r ward
      r ward
      Thanks for helping the USCA with the tackle to giveaway hope to see you at the national
    20. SWeiss
      Thanks for the tackle giveaway you're offering!
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