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    1. Herbhome
      Mac, I have been taking a beta blocker called metoprolol (generic) of loppressor. After i read your post I looked up the side affects and it may explain my dizziness and short-windedness this summer. Going to see my doc about it. Thanks for the post you made about your experience. Just out of curiosity, was lopressor the beta blocker they had you on?
      Hey man, been a long time since I've been on here but it's good to see you're still ripping lips! Are you still guiding it just fishing for fun these days? Anyhow, hope all is well!
    3. chuck aydell
      chuck aydell
      How do I sell Frozen Catalpa Worms?
    4. radish
      Mac read what you said about CBD. Sounds like something I could use. Where could I get some info on it?
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      2. Mac-b
        I get mine from Green Roads out of Florida, check the internet for link.
        Jan 10, 2019
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    5. wolfman
      hey Mac, I have a Penn 310 GTI baitcaster I want to donate for a giveaway. who do I send it to?
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    6. Clysta
      I am hunting a pink catfish rod an reel where is the best place to get one ?
      1. Zigarro
    7. J_Carter
      Now Mack you know it aint no big fish on the NC side of Kerr Lake!!!! The message Board says so! lol
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    8. Mudcatboy
      Thanks Mac!!!
    9. catfish8
      Thanks for the reps!!
    10. TnRivershark
      Thanks for the reps and the support.
    11. Hunter1978
      Hey Mac sent ya 2 PMs but cant see where they went through ? Thought i did it right guess not lol I was wondering if you could give me a call bud 704 728-1035 thanks Mac
    12. Hunter1978
      Just thought a little 16 footer would be a good boat for me. Well just wondering what kinda of price you think would be fair for this boat if everything I stated it is, just would be an all-round better boat i think for me just cant really afford to but a new boat right now got another year and a half and my truck and wifes car will be paid off then the wife says i can go get what ever i want, with in reason lol. But figured this boat would get me buy until i can get me a sea ark, well thanks for your input and take it easy Mac, enjoy reading your post also buddy, later Jamie
    13. Hunter1978
      Hey Mac, Figured you might know a little bit about this its a 1977 16' 460CM Terry Bass boat with a merc 75HP that has been went through top and bottom by a certified marine mechanic. The boat belonged to a (a friend of a friend kinda of thing) dad that bought it new, his dad passed away and the boat only gets ran 6 to 8 times a year and is finally taking up to much space in his garage, and is time for it to go. The boat is spotless not a blem in the hull, new trolling motor, carpet (which i dont really care to have on a cat boat) new optima batterys, seats, the boat is in tip top shape so is the trailer. Im just tired of lugging around a 23 ft pontoon around everytime I go fishing, 70% of the time I fish alone.
    14. Keith Mette
      Keith Mette
      Thanks Mac: If I say if it don't rain we may try to fish tomorrow this weather sure sucks.
    15. Catgirl
      Thanks for the mojo, Mr.Mac. Pretty neat flowers.....glad to know I can get 'em to grow elsewhere other than the creek area. A ready supply I don't have to buy! :)
    16. larry again
      larry again
      congats on your pick Kyle is going to be one ofgreats!!
    17. skip brown
      skip brown
      Happy Birthday Mac.......Unless I was misinformed........Then either a late, or early Birthday wish.....LOL
    18. Keith Mette
      Keith Mette
      Thanks Mac: But it's TRUE!! LOL
    19. Keith Mette
      Keith Mette
      Thanks Mac: Whatever will be will be, like you said get'n old sucks.
    20. BubbaCat
      God speed ,Legend
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