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Feb 16, 2018 at 5:33 PM
    1. ryano
      Should be clear now thanks
    2. J_Carter
      Hey man how did your Hopewell trip go? looking forward to your post and pics about it!
    3. punkin570
      Hey Dickie...We are doing fine, just working like crazy these days. I've started a new job and don't have a lot of time to be online, just in short visits here and there. I've been planning a wedding shower for this weekend for my son and his fiance`, they are getting married Sept. 14th so we are wrapped up with all that too. I miss the old crowd and chatroom also but I have noticed lately that a lot of the old crew have been falling to the wayside due to the changes that have happened. It's a shame, but sometimes time and progress will cause things like that to happen. How are you and your family doing? I have finally got internet (high speed this time) back at home and can get in chatroom again...that is if they ever fix it back like it should be. Wonder what it would take to make that happen? Guess if nothing else, we could stage a coo, lol.
    4. Flatheadhunter94
      Just stopping by to see how you have been doing and to ask I you will be fishing the st. Jude's tournament may 18. I will be fishing it from my kayak, talk about a challenge lol
    5. JPritch
      Jollymon, do you have an email address? Would be glad to help answer any questions you have about the James.
    6. larry d. grady
      larry d. grady
      Dickie ,how far are you from Monkey Junction,that is where i am moving Moving the wife in 2 weeks.i will be there on weeek ends untill the first of the year,then i will be there full time.
      We will be at Gander Mountain on April 23rd with Fishing to Fight Cancer to Promote the St. Judes tournament and our club. Vice President Tom Slappe will be teaching a BASICS ON CATFISHING seminar in the lodge. USCG Aux. will be performing boat safety checks too so come out and join us and bring your boat to get it inspected for free. We will have a table set up and boats to show off.
    8. boswifedeb
      You're very welcome!!
    9. skip brown
      skip brown
      Good deal. A win is a win no matter by how much ...................
    10. Daddy Wolf
      Daddy Wolf
      Great to see you're in the Fishoff, Dickie! I've got one of those lucky handles ya sent me on one of the Penn Delmars I'm using in the tourney!
      Good luck in the Fishoff!
    11. Keith Mette
      Keith Mette
      So what did the marine patrol have to say??? Where were you when JC brought this up a few months back??? Were you listening, er, reading??
      Did you tell them about your good eye???
      I'm good till Feb. 29 2012 Drivers lic. till Mar. 2012
      Boat an trl. an on and on it goes.
    12. larry d. grady
      larry d. grady
      thanks Dickie,im looking to see if navonics has a card for my lowrance.thanks for the imfo.
    13. larry d. grady
      larry d. grady
      hi dickie,my wife and i were in wilmington over the weekend,i wasjust wandering how far would i have to tow my boat to get to the good catfishing on the cape close do the catfish get to the salt water.and is there any damns i have to get arround,is their a detailed map i can get some where.thanks for your help.
    14. Cathunter Pete
      Cathunter Pete
      Hey Dickie, how's everything going? You been gearing up for the cats yet? Went once no big ones, hoping to get out Tuesday depending on the river level with this rain we got today. I know I'm ready for the St. Judes Tourney looking forward shooting the sh** with everyone! I was going to try and come your way to catch some American Shad, do you know if you can get them from the bank at lock and dam #1 in reiglewood? If so will I be able to do that with the construction going on? I've never shad fished before but I know they are excellent catfish bait. Do you know when a good time to get them at lock #1 is, if so can you keep an ear out to when the guys start getting them and they are in there thick? I appreicate dude.
    15. larry d. grady
      larry d. grady
      thanks for the imfo Dickie.
    16. larry d. grady
      larry d. grady
      hi dickie,im in the carolina catfish club with mac b.,wyliecat and that gang.i have lived at lake norman all my life,im turning 50 in a couple of months.the wife and i are going to be moving to wilmington sometime in the summer and i was wondering if you could show me the ropes and give me some pointers on river fishing.ive always fished lakes and i dont have a clue about rivers.and maybe get me some imfo about the local catfish club.thanks for your help.i have a 19ft. southern skimmer skiff with a 110 johnson outboard,will that boat work for river fishing?
    17. Catgirl
      Hey sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Y'all have my sympathy and prayers comin' your way. Hugs.
      captain meeting is may 7 at the hope mills shrine club at 4:30
    19. Catgirl
      Hey bro! I tried to rep you for your post on my thread in the NC lakes/resevoirs forum, but the li'l star icons are not appearing! THANKS, that was a cool post buddy. OFFICIAL sign-up thread is now posted in the Member Gatherings Forum. Woo hoo! Have a great day. :)
    20. skip brown
      skip brown
      Hey did you get any of the snow?????
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