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    1. tablerite
      Well the 143lb that came from Kerr I think had an advantage to grow bigger than the fish in Santee somehow. Do you think those Blues were put in that lake from the ones from the James River. Kerr must have very big bait source in it some how. There was a fish was Blue caught on a trotline that was 139lbs later in the fall on Santee but it has the ocean to feed it unlike Kerr. Have you caught any other catfish around Goat Island that showed the same size to them. Or even by the dam...I can only imagine the arches on sonar.
    2. tablerite
      Hey do you fish a lot in Kerr Res. I fish a lot in Lake Marion/ Lake Moultrie (Santee Cooper) and have would like to get a compared view of these lakes. They both have huge catfish in them but which is truly the king of them all.
    3. JPritch
      Hey Jamie,

      I cleared out some room from my Inbox. Sorry about that, I was away for a week and couldn't get on the internet. Let me know what's up.

    4. Mudcatboy
      lol. I'm sure he's happy that some people are responding to his thread. No matter how short the response. Alot of times I'll just say nice, or sweet. lol
    5. SDcatatonic
      Thanks buddy!!!! You have to try it some time.
    6. Mudcatboy
      Thanks Jamie!
    7. Weed Wacker
      Weed Wacker
      Thanks for the jingle!
    8. flatheadslayer
      Thanks for the reps,Buddy...
    9. SDcatatonic
      Thanks for the REPS my friend!!!
    10. bownero
      Thanks for the reps!! appreciated!! take care and good fishing!!
    11. bearman3176
      we gonna half to get on them flat heads this spring mite have a few tricks up my sleave tht you southern boys dont no about
    12. keepitsimple
      Spent 2 days clearing shooting lanes for the 06, 1 more lane to go. that tornado came thru the adjoining farm and think the loggers did more damage. I think a helicopter could land in 1 lane
    13. bearman3176
      hey partner finally got back in to this site its been a few years lol.
    14. muzkrat
      Hey Jamie. I have not been on here for a while and just got your message. The biggest I have caught this year was in the low 40 's. that was caught at the James.
      My biggest at Kerr this year has been 15 lbs. I don't spend a lot of time looking for bigguns at Kerr mostly eaters when I go there. Most of my trophy fishing is on the James. I spend a lot of time there when I can.
    15. countryboy79
      Hey you told that dude to pm me about blewett falls lake and he did... I told him where i thought the best place to fish of the bank and even offered him a trip on blewett falls in my boat using my stuff only if he paid for my gas and he turn it down... He must not wanna learn to bad huh ...
    16. J_Carter
      Thanks for the Welcome! You're right there is a ton of information available and good people. Im here to learn all I can to make myself a better fisherman.
    17. Keith Mette
      Keith Mette
      Welcome to the USCA, lot's of good information at times, and people to jaw with. FRIEND!! LOL
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