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Apr 12, 2008
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Dec 6, 2019
    1. stumpjumper
      Hey Jason I will give you call next with new number. I hope all is well.
    2. bream reaper
      bream reaper
      Jason, nice to meet you last week and thanks for the fresh shad.
    3. puddle jumper
      puddle jumper
      No problem brother,, Really hope to make a trip with you in the near future...
    4. schmeltz06
      I just wanted to thank you for taking us out saturday and thought id let you know we fished until 2 am that night and only caught one around 20-25lbs and never had another bite the whole time we were out. We are planning on coming back around the end of this month to hopefully caught some numbers so if the fishing gets great after this weekend let me know we can come down about anytime. Thanks again
    5. shadguts
      Been doing well. Thanks for asking. Jeff and I fished the Cabelas tourney at metropolis il missed the big fish by 4.5 lbs ended up 16th. Other than that and a couple outings really haven't been. Work, Work Work! My wife and I did do a little drifting around on Pickwick last night. Caught a 39 and a 37 fishing places we'd never fished before. I do see that you have been putting some bigguns in the boat and am not surprised. Awesome. I asume your guiding business is doing well. I hope you stay booked up. I am looking forward to the bps tourney at wheeler for sure. I've only fished there once. Holler at me if you need anything. See you around.
    6. crane
      Thanks for the congrats Jason, there is always some luck involved in a win with the caliber of fishermen that are at these catfish tournaments, we just happened to have it on our side last weekend. I hope it hangs around for a while.
    7. brother hilljack
      brother hilljack
      Brother, if you have time, jump over to the Gathering section and vote for Eufaula for the next GA gathering. Poll ends this evening ;)
    8. Joshuaace
      You're welcome and thank you. That's the most amazing thing I've seen. Congrats again.
    9. Ole Muddy
      Ole Muddy
      MAN just giving credit where credit is due We really do need to go hog hunting
    10. stumpjumper
      I just checked out your new website. It looks great!
    11. brother hilljack
      brother hilljack
      Yes sir!! I am looking forward to the BPS tournament. I have some redemption coming my way on that river
    12. Jerry Cline
      Jerry Cline
      Jason it was nice to meet you, hope we can fish together sometime am sure it would be a blast !!!
    13. seaark ryan
      seaark ryan
      Thanks Jason it was a great weekend for sure! Some day I hope to make it down to your neck of the woods.
    14. Jludtke
      Thanks for the message Jason. We all had a great time with Mike! The 102 pounder was a huge bonus!!!
    15. Jerry Cline
      Jerry Cline
      Thanks Jason, We had a blast with Mike
    16. stumpjumper
      Happy New Year! Looks like generation is backing down a bit, we"ll see what the weather does though!
    17. radish
      thanks Jason glad to be your friend. John
    18. Ol Swampy
      Ol Swampy
      Thanks! I hope we can keep it up too. I am excited to get down there for the classic. This is gonna be a BIG one for sure. I think we are going to try to get down there as early as possible to prefish. Looking forward to getting together with you and mike. Should be fun!
    19. stumpjumper
      Hey Jason, it was great to finally meet you. I look forward to some fishin' in the future.
    20. beespringer
      Thanks alot bro.
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