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    1. Catgirl
      Joey, I got a MILLION of THEM.....from 1971. I was, uh, lemme see, 63 plus, yeah, EIGHT. I've never seen that movie that I can recall.
    2. 223reload
      thanks joey
    3. Keith Mette
      Keith Mette
      Thanks Joey: Been catching any? fish LOL
    4. Keith Mette
      Keith Mette
      Thanks Joey: Every little bit helps. LOL
    5. Keith Mette
      Keith Mette
      It won't let me rep. ya no more. I love it keep it coming. I had to collect for nonpayment, I' ve heard every lie in the book. LOL
    6. Catgirl
      Hey Joey.....you okay? Here's my heart buddy. Sorry to hear 'bout your uncle. He must've been special.
    7. BubbaCat
      Where the dickens you been ?
    8. Keith Mette
      Keith Mette
      Skip is young, he can take it. LOL
    9. Catgirl
      Nope....he was there 'cause of the snowplow wreck. Guess he thought he couldn't get up the hill to where they were in his vehicle, so he parked and walked up there - but he could've chosen plenty of places to park along the way. There's a grass shoulder, and many driveways in that area. My friend's truck was one that nearly slid into him, TWICE, lol. The policeman was freakin' OUT and wavin' him off, but Jeff couldn't stop - puttin' breaks on right there wouldn't have helped anyway. He got past him, and the cop walked alongside, talked to him through the window.....Jeff said he had to keep goin', no choice.
    10. Catgirl
      I'm almost sure there's somethin' wrong with somebody who wants to spin around in their computer chair in front of the li'l 'lectric heater.......but it felt so good when I turned around just now!
    11. skip brown
      skip brown
      Thanks for the birthday wishes............................................
    12. Dirtdobber
      Linda and I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. We hope you have a great 2011
    13. Catgirl
      Happy New Year, Joey, to you and yours! Hugs.
    14. boswifedeb
      Y'all have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year now, ya hear?!
    15. Mike81
      Merry Christmas Joey!!
    16. Keith Mette
      Keith Mette
      Thanks Joey: Hope you stay safe. We have a storm headed this way to arrive Fri. Merry Christmas
    17. Catgirl
      OH my GOSH! Video no longer available due to copyright by WEB SHERIFF? I cain't wisten to MJ now? Wow, this IS a great Tues night. ("Beat It" would not be the Michael Jackson song I'd pick.....if I picked one.)
    18. Catgirl
      LMAOooooooooooooooooooooofff! That chipmunk song is great! The powers that be won't let me rep you again at present.
      Annie the cat could prob'ly help you with your hunting, if'n you really wanna cook chipmunk, lol. (Actually I hate finding them dead, but SHE sure likes playin' with 'em!) I'm-a run on over and report you to PETA just like SKIP said I should! LOL.
    19. Catgirl
      LOL. Nah, I'm not a big eggnog fan actually. It's okay.....I think an eggnog cheesecake would be good. Thanks for the mojo. Thought about having hot chocolate last night, but stuck with plain old milk - and skipped OPJ's crackers, lol.
    20. Keith Mette
      Keith Mette
      Thank you Joey: Smoke um if ya got um. LOL
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