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    1. Bigfish18
      Hey Chris, what town are you moving to? Wife and I have been visiting the Huntsville area a couple times a year for the last four years.
    2. Andy52
      Thanks for the Reps. I'm absolutely serious about the statement there's no way a shutdown will stop me from going fishing. Most of this is about the money the ramp I use is maintained by the Corps but there is no charge to use it.
    3. ccat
      rack up my boy, rack up
    4. kraftjd
      I'll be fishing at Greenup dam in KY. Someone reported they caugth over 100. Then another member caught 50+ the following day. Hopefully we'll end the day with a good amount.
    5. ccat
      Send a report. Where are you fishing for skips?
      Our Arkansas river skip fishing was just about to turn on but that stinking flooding we had 2 weeks ago has messed it all up, but they will be back.
    6. kraftjd
      I'm about to test wild wolf skipjack jigs on May 28th. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.
    7. arky
      I was wondering if there is a way to find out about the Johnson County Catfish Club tournys. Do you guys have a website? I was wondering about the April one as well. I was thinking about the Piney Bay campout and maybe running up and fishing the JCCC tourny. I did not see any thing in the Tourny section.
    8. ccat
      Well, I am sitting here thinking we should have gone, not school.
      I will fish next week some when I am watching the jockey's, I mean clinics. I will take my boat down with me like last year and have a catfish clinic and get "hours" for it...........and fillets.
    9. lcat
      Well ccat, it is looking lik and I might have to get back to an honest living tomorrow. If we do it won't be more than a 2 day week. This weekend is looking pretty warm. I might see if one of my boys can go fishing with me down at Spadra, that is as soon as I put my fuses in and see if the motor will start and stop.
    10. lcat
      Well ccat, you better keep those skips under guard. Your neighbor might sneak over some night and borrow a few for the next tournament to take his wife on since it is her birthday. What better present could a husband get forf his wife that a catfish tournament.
    11. ccat
      Yes, I am back. It was rough.....haha, but actually I really missed getting on here with ease. I hope it was all a mistake like I was told. I could log on as my wife's acct, but couldn't defend myself.
      I talked to Paul and apparently about 40 people were accidentally banned.
      Thanks for checkiing on me.
      My wife and I just got back from Bass Pro in Springflield, Mo. We both bought a 100 mph rain suit.....Big Buck$$$, but well worth it from everyone I have talked to. We put them on for about a minute in the store and about burned up. I know it wasn't 30 degrees in there, but it sure was warm.
    12. brother hilljack
      brother hilljack
      Are you back yet. I read that you got banned by accident
    13. brother hilljack
      brother hilljack
      Great meeting you all down at the classic! Wish fishing could have been better for us all
    14. lewis cobb
      lewis cobb
      just wanted to say thanks for the info on drifting. I have mostley fished rivers with plenty of current or tailwaters from dams. i am gonna try drifting again soon and i'll let you know how it goes thanks
    15. Lsanders
      see you made it
    16. ccat
      I will send you a PM with a lot of info about my boat.
      I would be glad to send you a picture/pictures of my boat. At the moment, we are covered in 6 inches of snow here in Arkansas, but cabin fever and the fact the school I teach at will probably be closed Monday will more than likely give me a chance to get down to the Arkansas river. I will take pics then. I can take pictures tomorrow of it sitting in my boat shed, which might be dark, but with a flash, it might work.
      If you will PM me your email, (if you don't mind) I can send you pics that way.
      I will PM you after 10:00pm tonight the info about my boat.
    17. GawnFishin
      sir i was wandering if you have any pics of what ur boat looks like i recently priced a 2072 vpro but i was worried about storage. You mentioned in a post u have the 2072 center con. like im intrested in but with a river cat layout i was curios what the looked like and wether it was roomie enough for my needs. If im bothering you im sorry I just dont want another lemon boat again.
    18. ccat
      yep, we got 2-3 inches. Started after midnight. I was going to be camping out the past few days over at the Twin Bridges above Grand, but the thought of an icy ramp kept me at home. I even got up yesterday at 5:00am, got the boat out and was about to head to Kerr. I checked the internet weather one last time and stayed home for the same ice potential.........but missed out on some good fishing, as it never did any precip over there all day. My buddies caught some blues up to 27 pounds on Friday, so I was mad I didn't go. Lesson learned is to NEVER check the weather right before you head out.
    19. CountryHart
      Ya'll get any of this white stuff last nite? We got about 3'' in the edge of Mo. Lord i hate winter anymore
    20. ccat
      That is a long way off. I will have to see what my schedule is for then. My buddies are heading down there the first weekend of December. I have job commitments or I'd be down there too whipping up on the blues.
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