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    1. EricM
      Cannot figure out how to pm you. I wish to purchase bank sinkers. Contact or text 423 716 0235. Thanks!
    2. meadedog
      can't figure out how to pm you on this new system can I get about 10 lbs of no rolls in various sizes from 2 oz up to 6 oz or call or text me at 276 219 0964
    3. CatfishDill
      I'm interested in having sinkers made give me a call or text at 3185784357
    4. Patslat
      What is the deal with the 1st weekend in feb cumberland city deal. Is it open to all? camping, Is it @ a public camp ground. I have never attended but am interested in doing so. I do not know a lot of catfishermen around here and would like to meet some. sounds like a good event to do so on.

    5. theonecatfishbob
      Yeah Ed. I am gonna throw the trap in my buddies pond today to get some gills. I will prolly be at CB around 5 or a little after in the am. I am registered so I dont have to mess with that. I will prolly go down to the creek across the sippi to throw for bait if I cant find any by the handicapped platform. I think you will have to sign up. if so i can go for bait.
    6. theonecatfishbob
      Hey Ed, my son dont think he can make it so if you want to fish let me know.
    7. poopdeck [patrick]
      poopdeck [patrick]
      I accidently erased your number on my phone could you please call back? Patrick 618-250-1422
    8. DWB
      Hey Ed. Just sent you a U2U over on MWT. Good to see you over there.
    9. Welder
      You could try hitting mari-osa by jeff city the launch is open there. fish up by the old lock and dam or the mouth of the maries
    10. Welder
      Gasconade is up and muddy good current lota lines set around the mouth. Up to 6 ft from the end of the boat ramp. Mo is just high enough to keep the gasconade bank full. Good fishing if ya got a boat, just its trot line city down here right now.
    11. Seth
      I'm off tomorrow so we can leave whenever you guys are ready.
    12. CountryHart
      Be good to meet ya at the gathering Ed. It's gonna be a hoot.
    13. medford
      ed its a per site rate one camper and one tent or two tents per site check gathering thread i think troy or some one posted it
    14. fishnfwl
      Ed, figure I best tell ya now, I ain't 100% sure I can make it to cuz's Saturday. I have a Great Dane that is either going to be dead by then or the meds and work they did today will get her up. So I can not say for sure as of today, either gonna be burring a 1300$ dog or not this weekend i am afraid :( I should know way more by Friday afternoon, but wanted to give you a heads up now....... Sorry buddy.
    15. BajaCoop
      yeah whatever works. It is about a little over an hour to cuz's place from St. James so not too bad.
    16. Seth
      Cool... well maybe we could meet up in St. James and ride down together then. I hate long drives by myself. At least then we could blab about fishing the whole time...LOL.
    17. Seth
      Are you heading to Leadstock out of Salem or from Rolla? I was wondering if it would be possible for us to meet up in the middle somewhere and ride down together. That's if you wanted to and if it's even worth depending on which way you head down there.
    18. BajaCoop
      yeah i would be up for snagging again.

      not sure if it is gonna be at cuz's place or at jer's place i think it is going to depend on the weather.
    19. Seth
      When is it? Is it at Cuz's place again? I wanted to go last year really bad, but didn't end up going for some reason or another.

      Well if you wanted, we could meet up at say Vichy or something and just hop in my truck and head up to Truman. It's not big deal but I figured I would offer you an invite.

      You up for some more snagging this year? I picked up a Silverado for hauling the boat and stuff so I'll be ready anytime. Hopefully you don't expect to catch 50 paddlefish a day like last year because that will probably never happen again LOL.
    20. Seth
      Are you going to the Missouri GTG up at Truman this year? It's on May 15-17. I'm planning on going and was seeing if you wanted to go along if you didn't have anything to do. I'm going to try and get Phil to go also.
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