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    1. derbycitycatman
      Iknow what you mean, just went to cabelas and its tuff not buying some supplies but luckily I was on a schedule but I did waste 30 minutes waiting to check out a gun, one guy at the counter, forget em... Theyve got some 223 varmint bullets with rebates Ive been looking at, eventually gonna do some yote hunting. Happy shooting!!
    2. Mi11er
      I hear you, but remember stupid people will just bring you down to their level, then beat you with experience.
    3. 223reload
      Wasn't tryin to get anyone riled up over my post, Actually I ment it as a sarcastic post, but I know its hard to read humor in typed words lol. No way I'm upset ,we all have our opinions, and we are each entitled to rhem.
    4. belldar
      Hey you still wanting to fish
    5. belldar
      Hey man i live in the trailor park right by the schools anytime you want to fish let me know 6185781255
    6. 223reload
      Whenever ya get ready just holler, I had an amazing year last year and hope to have an even better one this year.
    7. sdhager
      I just found this message by accident (6/7/11) I am interested. When and where?
    8. 223reload
      Got a few pics for you today there the first three in my knife album on my profile pg. Hopefully I can get some better ones tomorrow of the mosaic pins in the handle. I still need to etch it a few more times to get the color more even but for all intents and purposes it a wrap.I think it turned out fantastic.
    9. 223reload
      Yeah, this friend of mine is a farrier by trade, and has delved into forging for years, used to make damascus horseshoes from baling wire ISYN. I think he is up to it lol. I myself like mokume in a dual color the copper/nickle in either twist or raindrop pattern trips my trigger .
    10. 223reload
      Not problem, Mark. I can give the bolsters a brushed finish instead of high polished if ya want. I'll get the colorant and spacers ordered and take a look when it comes in, the spacers come in a variety pk, so should have both ivory and white , I'll go with whichever looks best with the handle material, I am looking at getting a buddy of mine here to see about forging all the damascus chunks into one usable piece too, Should find out this weekend about that , the idea came to me today while driving the truck lol.
    11. 223reload
      Mark, I did save the pics you sent, I am thinking a VINE pattern on the spine , stopping where the bolsters end at the balde , then the thumbrest ,and possibly a short rope pattern (1/2") bast that or not if ya prefer. Since the blank is basically black,I'm looking toward a tan colorant in the epoxy in the spine filework, and thinking some color of a liner between the scales and the tang would look really nice , JJust not sure what color other than maybe a white or ivory color . The bolsters , Now thats something for sure, Looking at the scales, I think 3/8" is a good thickness , 5/16 or 1/4" would probable be the closest we can come , one other idea, I happen to know a really good engraver here that makes custom buckles and engraves spurs, so a Nickle silver or 416 stainless bolster may be another option with some engraving on it
    12. 223reload
      Got your materials in yesterday, Should be getting started on the knife this weekend. About all I can say is this is gonna be a gorgeous blade . You have about the same taste as me , I picked the same exact handle mat. and blade lol.
    13. BIG_D
      all kinds of nasty goofy people in this world my friend.
    14. 223reload
      Been runnin some numbers, Looks like Jantz has about the cheapest damascus barstock, however did find one place that sells it on a per inch basis, I dont have any solid numbers just yet as each damascus pattern is a different price, I have also been drawing out some blade designs. If there was a particular design (handle wise) and another blade shape that might have struck you, let me know and if I can get a pic of it, I can put it together. my # is 575-403-5654 If ya wanna call me , or this weekend.
    15. BIG_D
      Mark that sounds like one nice green house ! i would love to have a little 8x10
    16. BIG_D
      Mark how do you heat your green house
    17. DWB
      Hey Mark. I would be up for some walleye fishing on Friday. We have no huge new years plans (we have 3 & 4 year old anchors to make sure of that). We are planning to have dinner with the neighbors but that is about it.

      I'm off work Friday and can get out whenever. What are your thoughts?
    18. Jollymon
      Thank you sir LOL
    19. BIG_D
      i just want to know one thing did she out fish you lol........
    20. mrfixer
      any luck out there brother
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