World Record Flathead 123 lbs - 9ozs .

Caught by Kem Paulin . Elk City Reservoir Kansas. 123 lbs - 9ozs may 14-1998 . Caught on Zebco 33 reel 12 lbs line.

World Record Flathead 123 lbs - 9ozs .
Ace, Jan 24, 2006
    • slhamm
      Gawd thats a big fish!!
    • warcraft1975
      like it was really caught on a zebco!!!!anyone who has been on flatheads for any lenth of time would know better than that
    • rebelzgrl76
      Im thinking that the rod would snap also, a Zebco couldnt reel in the 123lb. dead weight, much less if it were putting up any kinda fight. Just dont think the gear ratio could support a Flathead like that. Thats kinda hard to swallow. Id have to see it to be believe. BUT.....if it is indeed true...I give ya props!
    • cathunter28
      i didnt know that a 22rifle was fishing tackle
    • weekendredneck69
      Nice fish guy!!! send one my way
    • EricM
      Just looked it up in the 2007 IGFA World Record Book. It's true - the actual weight recorded is 123lbs 0 oz. What a fish!
    • Fisher22
      hey that is a nice fish when did you catch it and where
    • jamminbassplayer
      It says right at the top, elk city resevoir, in kansas. :big_smile:hey, I'm in Kansas! I've passed elk city a time or two (I think, it's easy to miss!) but I don't know where the resevoir is, I'll have to plan a fishing trip there sometime ;)
    • JPritch
      Alot of debate on the validity of this fish. It stinks to me. But until proven otherwise or broken, it stands.
    • TheRiverRat
      Holy **** he couught that soab on a 33 with 12 lb test!!!!!!
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