World Record Channel Catfish 58 lbs

Caught by W.B.Whaley of Pineville S.C. Santee Cooper Lake Moultrie 1964 .

World Record Channel Catfish 58 lbs
Ace, Jan 24, 2006
    • TX Fisherman
      i remember readin bout this somewhere, some poeple think it was an actualy channel while others believed it was a channel and blue cross breed any one else heard this?
    • Cuz
      I zoomed into the photograph as much as feasible. Based on the number of the anal fin rays, my best guess is this is indeed a Channel Catfish. A WHOPPER at that.
      ive heard so much crap debunking all the catfish recordes on here its swimming out my ears,lol. looks like a channel to me. rounded anal fin belly not fat and round as the big blues. not to mention its the CHANNEL cat record. a mix would not be elligable.:big_smile:
    • CatfishHateMe
      if you look at the picture without the B.O.C. tag on the bottom, its got a flat tail. like a Flathead. its not forked like a channel catfish. but i don't know. i don't really care much because if i catch a fish that would go world record books i wouldn't want people knockin on it like that record has gotten.
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