Wal Mart Noodles

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Wal Mart Noodles
Bigun, Oct 9, 2005
    • Big Eli
      What are they used for. I went wally & didn't find info on them
    • oilman035
      I havent personally used the Walmart brand. I make my own out of stryophone. Yes they work very well, I fish them in the early spring in the shallow water grass beds using live bait, biggest fish caught so far 56 lb blue cat.
    • Houdini
      Yes, I've used them with the kids, we tied them together about 15' apart and floated them, kids had a blast pulling them in.
    • jug
      never used the walmart ones. make my own with pool noodels and pvc. i drift mine in the middle of the river. have them as deep as 55ft.
    • gottafish
      Are these a jug alternative? How do you rig/fish them effectively?
    • Tim70
      I bought a couple of them from Wal Mart and they worked so good that I fashioned my own from some swimming noodles and coat hangers. Jug fishing is a blast
    • Catfish Jaw
      I've made my own jugs, but all I've caught so far is a big snapping turtle!
    • misterwhisker
      i bought my boys some several years back they like em alot, now they make there own, but i gota tell ya they are gettin pretty good at cattin, and there gettin to the point where its pole only but they still like watchin the jugs bobb around
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