daystarchis, May 12, 2006
    • LadyValea1
      So cute....long haired chihuahua......I have a long haired furbaby, if you check my profile I have a picture posted with my shiztu/chihuahua
      Dallas and Chica my furbabies..
      just a couple weeks ago, my longhaired was bit on the muzzle by a copperhead snake, it was so scary, we took her to the er vets!! she was fine 2 days later with a big Vet bill... but she is so worth it...
    • Catfish_Commando
      Good Looking dog!

      Mine arent so pretty looking, I think I got one of those all attitude Chihuahua(s) LOL!
    • Catfish_Commando
      Ohhh... My Chihuahua asked me to tell your Chihuahua...

      Whats up! LOL
    • daystarchis
      LOL!!!! Our said...."Gracias"....LOL!!!!!!
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