Snelled Circlehook 5/0 Gamakatsu

Snelled Circlehook 5/0 Gamakatsu
RPnKC, Aug 15, 2005
    • slabmaster
      my wife would kill me if she found a flathead in her kitchen sink. nice fish.
    • rebelzgrl76
      LMAO..The first thing I thought was TAKE IT OUTSIDE!!! Real nice fish though!
    • RPnKC
      Caught that falthead at 3:00am, got home at 5:00am and woke the family up to see the fish and take my pic with it.
      I still regret taking that fish out of the lake. :(
    • truckin4x4
      man my wife would devorce me if she found that in her sink
    • RPnKC
      When I get done cleaning fish, the kitchen is cleaner than when I started. It is very important to me to maintain domestic bliss and respect for her hard work keeping everything nice. I refuse to clean fish outside, and as long as I keep up my end of the bargain, it's all good.
    • gcarlin
      Very nice fish. Why do you refuse to clean fish outside? (that had me puzzled)
    • luckey wade
      that is funney .the sink cat my wife would kill me.
    • louisvillerider
      man should have kept the rest, and released that big boy
      WHY? looks like great eating. better tasting than the rest. flathead are much better meat than channles. i clean my fish where i choose. i wear the jeans here. king of the castle lol. flatheads are prodominatly bigger than channels. why do they all need be released? man if some ever ate it they might think different. heck i would have thrown the channels back and kept the flathead.
    • littlecat
      i agree with cats4uandme flatts are the best eating catfish i some times keep a biggin to stock up the freezer.
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