My personal best Blue Cat - 94 Pounds

My PB Blue 94 Pounds, caught in August 2001. Unfortunately, the fish perished in the river while I waited on Fish and Game to weigh it. It was this event that set me on my Catch and Release Crusade and to do my part to protect these great fishes.

My personal best Blue Cat - 94 Pounds
Cuz, Nov 2, 2007
    • louisvillerider
      what a shame...... everyone needs a set of scales, and a camera
    • Cuz
      Unfortunately, I wasnt prepared back on that August day in 2001. The death of that fish still chews at me today as if it were yesterday. I can only hope the hudreds of LIVE releases since that day in some small way make up for it. CPR for this angler, ALL THE TIME, EVERYTIME.
    • fishnfwl
      Ah it was meant to happen, as much as the feeling is set inside, you do way more to the good of things, than to worry on the one, any one can see that by just reading your writings....... I would need a winch just to get one over the rail my-self, Keep up the Great work Mr. A, it far out weighs any thing else!
      that fish spread her genes. i woildnt dwindle on it. i dont know how big blues taste but thats a lot of vittles. like the reprduction.
    • JPritch
      Hell of a fish Cuz. Don't sweat it, you're an ambassador to the sport.

      How was it caught? Depth, river location, etc....? I noticed it's a summer catch. I don't do as well finding the big ones in the summer on the James.
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