My 94 Pound Blue Cat Mount

This is the replica of my Personal Best 94 Pound Blue.

My 94 Pound Blue Cat Mount
Cuz, Nov 2, 2007
    • droptine77
      Was it expensive to have that done?
    • Cuz
      I used the same taxidermist that mounts all of my dear, just due to loyalty and he did it for me for 800 dollars. You can have it done for less, but I was happy with the results being as he took all of my photographs and measurements and really took his time with the mold. The picture dont do it much justice, but it turned out really good.
    • droptine77
      Oh my! That was way more than expected. Still nice though.
    • Cuz
      I believe there is a company out of Texas that can provide you a replica of a bluecat for about half of that. Not quite sure of where they are out of though. Wish I could be more help.
    • whiteriverbigcats
      Id hang it on my wall with pride...
      looks nice. im gonna do one to hangup. not a pb fish just a replica to have a catfish hanging in the shop.
    • catfish_express
      i caught an 85 pound blue and they only wanted 500 to do it but when i found out it would be a replica it wasnt worth it , see then you and i would have the same fish on the wall . what were the measurements on that fish? mine was 48 inches but didnt get the girth.
    • Cuz
      Thx for the reply Russ. My fish was 51 inches long, and had a 38 inch girth if my feeble memory serves me correctly. We ordered a replica that was slightly larger in dimensions than my fish, and the taxidermist sanded and cut until the dimensions were very similiar to the originals. As well, he took the several dozen photos of the fish I had taken and painted the fish to match. If you look at the photos, and a closeup of the mount, he pretty much pegged it. I was tickled with the results for sure. Congratulations on your great fish. An 85 pound fish is a very special animal.
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