Lake Shelbyville 11 channel...

Lake Shelbyville 11 channel...
SPAZ182, Apr 16, 2012
    • WalkAlot
      Nice, we caught one a couple weekends ago that was 9.8 lbs.I can only expect that the catching is getting better.Do you find that shelbyville has a lot of bigger fish, rather than small 1-2 lbs fish? Because that has been my experience at least in the areas have have fished.Brett
    • SPAZ182
      Yes. Unless you chum or fish with dip bait the average channel does seem to be pretty big over there. I rarely boat any under 8lbs and have caught a lot in the low to mid teens. I do know some guys that chum with rotten soybeans and they catch tons of fiddlers. I'm nut much of a dipbait guy, but it seems to produce a lot of pan sized fish for those that use it... They got uptight at work and said we can't park our boats in the parking lot so my trips to Lake Shelbyville have become pretty rare.
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