Daughters First Flathead

This is my Daughters first flathead it weighed 10 Pounds, I think I might be in trouble she is following her brothers foot steps. She caught it on the Ohio River Using Shad.

Daughters First Flathead
DeerHunter01, Oct 16, 2005
      Now young lady. What would Jessica Simpson have to say about that? LOL! Nice fish there girly! LOL!
    • T-Bone
      Nice First Flathead. Way to go !
    • kbgrillin
      Thats a nice one. Keep it up.
    • catface
      Thats great,I should be so lucky I have never gotten one.
      Keep up the good work
    • Smellycat
      Thats a good looking fish. It`s been a while since I snagged a flathead.
    • Katatonik
      And she fishes with dangling earrings on. Yup, you're in trouble now. She's
      gonna want a 100 lb. cat, yellow or not. I hope you get to see her do it, too.
      One of the prettiest fish I ever saw was one that my boy Orren caught back
      when he was eight. Eight pound yella cat and a beaming smile. He stood tall
      that day! I love this gallery, Eric. Thanks for sharing...
    • dirtydawg
      Nice one! She's ruined for life..Can I get a "HURRY UP DAD ITS TIME TO GO FISHIN"....keep a tight line ya'll...
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