Michael, Sep 10, 2006
      poor fella. is he one they have in one of those catch to shjow off lures tanks? aint hard to show off a lure when there tossed into a tank of starved bass. i seen one at the last fishing show i was at. all the bass had infected and sore lips and thin as boards.
    • JPritch
      If that's the case, then it's a shame. I hate hearing about big gamefish in tanks as much as I hate seeing caged birds. It just isn't natural.
    • swampratt
      I have a bird that was given to me because it was mean and faught with the other birds a parakeete (spelling) and she thought because i had 2 teenage boys we could deal with this bird...
      I like him i leave the cage open and he is free to go where he wants to..he plays and chirps a lot
      he will buzz your head if he wants something...he is cool.
      I do not like caging things up

      Took a spider outside that the wife seen on the couch yesterday...Go eat some bugs spider..that was the last he heard before being let go in the flower bead
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