Another of the Trout

The weirdest thing, i can't identify it. I caught it on a tennessee shad hj 6.

Another of the Trout
Bucktail033, Apr 11, 2006
    • LarryE
      looks like a trout to me
    • Bucktail033
      Yeah but i'm not sure what type of trout it is. Probably a rainbow held over from stocking.
    • Patmansc
      Looks like a salmon or lake trout?
    • Coyote1
      Looks like it might be a good sized bite of BAIT for a "BIGUUN"{80#+ Catfish}.
      Seriously, I can't quite tell from the lighting in the photo but it looks like a Lake or Rainbow Trout. Good skillet size, for sure. :)
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