74lb Bluecat

Missouri River confluence.

74lb Bluecat
Roughneck, Jul 25, 2006
    • flatheadmaniac
      man thats a big cat. wish i could catch one that big, great pic
    • Roughneck
      Yeah, that one's my best; however, on July 3rd this season I caught the one it the other pic that went 68lbs. Caught him on 20lb test on a gizzard shad head at 3:30AM. I primarily fish the Mississippi River just North of St. Louis MO and I target 30' water columns. I normally fish 3-4 spots that have been good to me for the past 10yrs. These spots consistantly hold giants and I recently started tagging them before I release. Good Luck! Eventually you will catch one just stay after it.
    • crane
      How are you tagging the fish?
    • rebelzgrl76
      WOW...thats a monster!! Great catch!
    • benneeb0y

      nice fish.

      is that legal to do??
    • river1214rat
      That is a beautiful fish.
    • ladyangler
      that is a nice catfish. would love to catch one that big
    • CatfishCC
      Not thats a big blue!!


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