5 in half hour

The fish didn't start biting until 2 A.M. And they quit at 2:30 and this is what I have to show for it.The biggest is 32lbs and the smallest is 8lbs.

5 in half hour
Mr_Catfish, Dec 23, 2005
      Nothin like the taste of a 32# cat! Yea Rite! Did the big ones go back?
    • Mr_Catfish
      They all went back. I release all my flatheads to fight another day.
    • Homeybrew
      Weird how flatheads will do that. I've done the same thing (but I didn't get a 32 pounder).. .fished for hours without a bite, then suddenly, boom! You catch 5 or 10, then, nothing again.
    • poopdeck [patrick]
      I like to call myself a flat head man as that is what I fish for.I live right by the mississippi and fish it several times a week. I have went weeks with out getting a bite. Then BAM it/s like the dinner bell has rang. Same conditions as before ,moon, river level ,weather ,same place. I have been trying to figure out excatly what triggers them for years. This also happens with the other cats.

      Any way nice catch.
    • NIMROD
      I release all my flatheads in hot grease one steak at a time. Out of clean water ,even a large flathead beats blues or channel cats. The fillets trimmed of all fat and dark meat are wonderful , especially the belly meat !
    • river scum
      the river those came out of nimrod is poluted as hell. it drains well over a million acres of farm and industreal area. good name by the way,nimrod. lmfao

      i always wanted to get pics like that but im not goin to just let them lay on the bank waiting to see if i get a few for a photo!
    • flatheadfisher
      Nice catch. Great CPR.
    • Catfish Fever
      Pedro, nice to hear they went back. We USED to have a great Bluecat fishery here at Milford Lake in Kansas, now they're asking where all the big Blues are, I guess they were "released into the grease" too. Now a 20 is a rare occurance.
      well i have to say flatheads are some fine vittles. but i wont take but one from a group like that. or maybe smallest two. no need to be a river hog. but i like the vittles off em.
    • colten
      Real nice fish.
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