Katmaster Jr.


Katmaster Jr., Jun 16, 2006
    • RPnKC
      Do you need a commercial license for that rig? Looks great, and at the same time has potential to become a Chinese Fire Drill.
    • Katmaster Jr.
      No, fishing with a lot of poles with big bait on them is the ticket to success. That's why you see so many rod holders, we go prepared, sometimes we only need 2 poles a piece and sometimes we need as many as we can get.
    • BOWHOG1
      How many bildge pumps do you keep on that side ?
      whatever works for ya. me? i would have tangeled lines poles kicked in, broke and just be a mess. 4 on a side is all i can handle. and we have 2 pole limit anyways.
    • Yakdawg
      If a big fish hits on the middle rod, how do you keep it from getting tangled up with the rods on each side?

      I am rigging a small boat right now, I am going to stick with two driftmaster holders up front and two in the back. I can tangle two with the best of them!

      Looks cool!
    • twincatfis
      thats a nice rig keep up the work son!!
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    Jun 16, 2006
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