212lb Spanish Wels

212lb Spanish Wels
CatBusster, Jan 2, 2006
    • blkhawkdwn
      those are some huge cats. wish i could get a hook into something like that.
    • Rajun_Cajun
      now are wels any good to eat or just cpr(catch picture release)?!!?!?!
    • CatBusster
      Small ones upto 30lbs are ok, I abide by catch and release,
    • FLETCH
      It looks like the fish my mother-in law keep in her frog pond only just a little bit bigger and no legs.
    • drpepper
      It turns into a large @ss bullfrog and originates from the chernobyl area in Russia...
    • adam1886
      i bet them dudes fight like mad bein 3/4 of the body is tail
    • patrickgd
    • fishfindersc
      I agree. Pretty good table fare. I was fortuinate enough to catch some Wels cats when I was stationed in Turkey back in the mid 70's. I did see a 200 lber but never caught any over about 20 lbs. I have often thought about getting back to Spain or Italy to catch some Wels.
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