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Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting – Walking the beaches listening for the signal from your detector that could mean a Spanish Eight is hiding just below the surface from a long lost pirate treasure or sunken ship or detecting around old homesteads for valuable coins is a lot of fun. It is alluring in the sense you never know what you’ll find next. Join our discussions on metal detectors and your finds.
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Hog Hunting

Hog Hunting- This has been a rapidly growing sport in recent years using primitive and modern weapons. Do you have nerves of steel to square off against a mean tusked hog?
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Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting – Whether you still hunt, stand hunt, or stalk this is the place to share your deer hunting adventures. Be sure to show everyone your trophies and the stories behind them. Deer hunting is a popular sport among a lot of members.
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Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunting – If you love to go after those all seeing all hearing gobblers join in for advice or to give help to a fellow turkey hunter.
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Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl Hunting – If sitting among the cypress trees in a swamp early in the morning or sitting comfortably in a blind with a dog between your knees waiting for those quackers to fly in holds your attention, share your thoughts on the sport.
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Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting – Whether it’s deer, bear, moose, or antelope big game hunting is thrilling when you get up close to these magnificent animals. Tell us what you hunt for and how you hunt for it.
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Small Game Hunting

Small Game Hunting – Many of us cut our hunting teeth stalking rabbits and squirrels. From our first .22 rifles to our first shotguns small game hunting was a “rite of passage” for many. Let’s talk about some small game hunting tactics and possibly share the family recipes for these small animals.
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Hunting Gear Talk

Hunting Gear Talk – As hunting has seen a rebirth of sorts in this country more and more companies are making gear and clothes for the hunter. Let’s talk about some of the gear you use and how you would rate it.
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Guns - Blackpowder

Guns, Blackpowder and Reloading – Tools of the trade for many hunters, guns have evolved tremendously since the musket. Discuss guns in general, reloading, and the fine art of black powder shooting here.
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Bow Hunting - Some hunters prefer the closeness associated with bow hunting whether it’s a recurve, long bow, crossbow, or a finely tuned compound bow. How do you bow hunt? What works or don’t work for you?
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Hunting Dogs Talk

Hunting Dogs Talk – If you love the sound of a champion coon dog tapping a tree in the middle of the night, like to listen to a pack of Beagles on a rabbit chase, watch a bird dog work close in and go on point, or maybe you use a dog to hunt squirrel or fox, show us your dogs and discuss hunting dogs with us.
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Bird Hunting

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Camping Talk

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Handgun Talk

Many hunters are hunting with handguns in today's hunting world. This forum is for all of you handgun users.
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Bow Fishing.
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Reloading Talk

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Trapping & Fur Taking

Trapping and Fur Taking – For centuries man has trapped game for meat and pelts. Modern times has diminished this pursuit of fur bearing animals but the legacy continues on though a close knit community of trappers in many areas of the country. Share with us what kind of traps you use, how you trap, and what you do with your catches.
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