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Boat Repair Help

Boat Repair Help - It is a fact you cannot own a boat and not have to make a repair on it at some point. Maybe your flooring is spongy, you have a thru hull fitting leaking or you have punched a hole in the hull from hitting debris in the water. Start a thread here to get those repairs underway. Many members have undertaken boat-rebuilding projects and it is their tips that can save you time and money and hopefully get you back on the water with plenty of fishing season left.
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Bubba's Outboards

Bubba's Outboard Advice – If you are having problems with your outboard motor or have questions about routine maintenance or maybe just changing a part out Start a thread in here with your make, model number, and serial number. There are a couple of guys here that really know their stuff when it comes to these engines. You can’t beat the wealth of knowledge found here at no cost to you. USE INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK
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Other Repairs

Other Repairs – It seems something is always not working properly or you have a faucet leaking or maybe the car needs a tune up. Start a thread here and through the vast knowledge of the membership on many subjects you’ll put that repair behind you and find yourself fishing soon enough.
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Reel Repair and Upgrades

Reel Repair and Upgrades – We ask a lot from our fishing reels each time we go out on the hunt for fish. If you have questions or tips on repairing reels or you need to upgrade your reel with some better parts start a thread here. Fishing can only get better with properly working reel.
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