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Alternative Methods of Catching Catfish

A place to talk about all legal methods of catching catfish, other than rod and reel. Jug fishing, Noodling, Trotlines, Limblines, Yo-Yo's, etc.
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Bank Fishing

Catfishing from the River Bank or the Lakes Edge. Catfish Tactics and Fishing Tips.
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Catfishing Videos

Watch and discuss with others about these BOC Videos. Please send yours to Paul for addition to this section.
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Flathead Catfish

Flathead Catfishing - A place to discuss Flathead fishing strategies, share your experiences, and maybe even a secret fishing hole or two.
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Wels Catfishing

Wels Catfishing - Journey to distant fishing grounds in search of the Wels catfish, baits to use, techniques, equipment, and rigs to use.
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Blue Catfishing

Blue Catfishing - If you have a passion for those big bruisers the Blue catfish this is the place to share your knowledge or ask questions relating to these giants that roam our lakes and rivers whether you tight line, drift fish, jug, or bush hook.
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Channel Catfish

Channel Catfishing - Post here on the Channel catfishing method of your choice or share with others your success stories in your pursuit of this sleekly designed built to fight species of catfish.
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All Catfishing

General Catfishing – Join in here with your every day catfish talk. This is the place to share with us your ideas about catfishing, where to go, or even how your last fishing trip turned out.
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Catfishing Baits

Catfishing Baits – Bait is always a hot topic in the fishing community. Use this area to tell everyone or discuss your choice of bait or baits, and how you rig your bait.
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Homemade baits

Homemade Bait – What kind of bait have you cooked up at home to give you the edge? Share your triumphs and tragedies of homemade bait making with us. What works for you and what is the recipe?
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