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Striper Fishing

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Fly Fishing

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Bass Fishing

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Skipjack Herring

Skipjack Herring - One of the most sought after catfish baits in the south. These oily fish are excellent cutbait for catfish and can be caught in many rivers throughout the southern states.
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Gar Fishing

Gar fishing – These long slender toothy fighters have provided some nice battles all across America through the years. There are several species of gar throughout America including the large Alligator Gar. Tell us how you catch them.
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Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike – The fish with the bad disposition. These fish have long been sought out as a trophy fish in the fishing world. Tell others your tactics or ask questions in the pursuit of your trophy Northern Pike.
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Shad Talk

Shad Talk – There are many species of shad throughout North America and the world. Some of these species are sought out for the good eating they provide along with the sport of catching them while others are caught to use as bait for other species like the catfish.
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Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing – There are several species of trout in freshwater and saltwater. Whether you fly fish a mountain stream, surf fish from a beach, or fish one of the many annually stocked bodies of water for them here is where to find or contribute information on trout.
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Crappie Fishing

Crappy Fishing – This species of pan fish provides a lot of excitement among anglers especially in the spring and fall of the year. Whether you live baitfish for them or use lures you’ll find many members here on the BOC who spend a lot of time trying to put some of these tasty fish on the table. This is a good place to share information.
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Turtle Talk

Turtle Talk – There is a following for turtle meat around the world along with the fascination of turtles and how they live. Here you can find out new ways to catch or trap turtles, clean, them and surely find out how to cook them.
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Bluegill Fishing

Bluegill Fishing - Bluegill fishing have provided many a child a start into the sport of fishing. Although a pan fish, bluegill are some of the strongest fighters pound for pound of any species on light tackle and have brought many friends together over fish fries in backyards all over the United States during the summer months.
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Salt Water Fishing

Saltwater Fishing – For many of us here on the BOC it is geographically not possible to saltwater fish regularly but the sport provides many species to target either from surf fishing, inshore boat fishing, or chartering a boat to go after some of the big game saltwater species. If you are planning a trip to saltwater or you are regular to saltwater, post here to share your thoughts or pose your questions.
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Carp Fishing

Carp Fishing – Some of the many species of carp heavily sought out in different parts of the world for table fare. Lots of fishermen exclusively target carp as a sport fish. Whether you fish with a rod and reel or bow fish for carp here is the place to be.
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Walleye Fishing

Walleye Fishing – Walleye are often regarded as the elusive fish as they often stay deep and provide some exciting battles. Walleye are found any many lakes and streams in North America. Walleye make great table fare. Post here to share your Walleye tactics and the waters you fish.
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All Other Fish – Here is the place to post about all of those other fish species you enjoy going after like the well sought out Largemouth bass, Striper, Spoonbills, and the many species of pan fish. Let us know what some of your favorites are and how you catch them.
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Pond Fishing

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