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"How to" Information

Articles written by staff that help new members learn how to navigate and perform different functions within the forum.
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Member Braggin Area

A place to share your new personal best fish, deer or any other significant goal you've attained while afield. Tell your story of the one that didn't get away!
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Luke Clayton Outdoors

Luke Clayton has been an outdoors writer for the past quarter-century and has hosted a weekly radio show devoted to the outdoors for the past 6 years. Be sure to join Luke as he shares stories of his many outdoor adventures at!
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Mac Byrum's Catfish University

Mac is a catfisherman at his best. He practices what he teaches, and he teaches anyone that has a desire to learn. He's an accomplished Striper and Catfish Guide, he does seminars and many expo's and fishing shows, he's an avid participant in our many conservation efforts and the constant battle to gain respect and management for our catfish. So sit back and take some time to become a much more rounded and successful catfisherman.
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Outdoor Articles

Complete articles with photos focusing on a topic or subject related to an outdoor activity. These articles will be of very high quality, with photos and subject matter that will be of interest to a majority of our members. These articles will also be approved by the staff before they are posted and can earn awards for the members that submit them.
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Outdoor Adventures

A place to share stories of your outdoor adventures with the members of the BOC. These could be hunting, fishing or just some very memorable experience you've had with family, friends or by yourself while in the outdoors. Camping, hunting, fishing, metal detecting are just a few of the activities that could be shared here.
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Online Resources

Links to online sources of information such as weather, navigation charts etc. Also various software items.
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Catfishing Library

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