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    Hey y'all,Ive heard from several old timers about usin a mexican bar of soap called Zote Soap for cat fishin,Anybody ever tried it?
  2. Welcome to the BOC brother. Can't help you on the soap, Never heard of using any kind of soap, LOL. Someone else may have though.


  3. I don't think I'd wanna wash with any soap that doubles as cat bait. Might want to put that in the you might be a redneck catfisherman thread.
    You might be a redneck catfisherman if your soap doubles as your bait.
  4. When I Was Younger My Grampa Taught Me How To Use Ivory Soap As Cat Bait And It Works Well On Eating Size Cats All U Do Next Is Fryem Cause Their Clean Already Hahahah

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  5. so what your saying is catfish ain't clean til they are zest fully clean.
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    At certain times of the year cats will eat soap pretty well and that's been proven many times.
    The old favorites were Ivory, Octagon and P&G along with Zote where it was availible. Modern commercial soaps aren't made using the cold process method like they used to be but they will still work. Your best bet is to find someone that still knows how to make lye soap becuase they hit that best due to the superfatting and glycerine content lye soap has but commercial soap now doesn't.
    I've made lye soap myself and used it for years and it works well, but honestly folks, shad and other more "normal" baits are far more effective.
  7. From what I have heard it is best used on trotlines because it is a slow bite. Zote is preferred because it is soft and easily cut and hooked. Soap is made with a small amount of animal fat that is why the cats like it.
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    Jason is right on the slow bite. Some people use it on their trotlines. I have used ivory soap as a kid and caught channels. Its been too long ago to be sure exactly how well it worked but I do know that I have caught fish on it. One good thing is nothing else is probably going to bite it so its good if catfish and catfish only is what you are after. Some people melt the soap down, specifically the ivory type soap. Put the shavings into a pot and melt it slowly, then pour it onto a cookie sheet and let it cool. You can then cut it into bait size chunks and it tends to stay on the hook better supposedly than just using the soap straight from the store. I do remember it had a tendency to crack and you had to be careful when putting it on the hook, so you might try cooking it and see how it goes.
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    Good info given here,

    Zote soap is a great Catfish bait because of the fats that are in it. It leaves a trail that Catfish will follow.

    I have melted it down and added a small amount of bacon grease, and Garlic to it, then poured into a container of my choice to let harden back up.

    This bait does not work well at all on rod and reel. It does however work great on trot lines. As was mentioned earlier, that it's a slow bite bait. That is correct.

    This is the only bait I use on my trot lines as it only attracts catfish. Of course that's what I'm after anyways.. Now don't expect to haul in the Big Boys with this bait, as they prefer Cut bait, or live bait.

    Now if your after some good sized eaters then this bait will work for you. It certainly does for me. Just remember that not ALL baits, work everywhere.

    As mentioned about using Ivory soap, it also works but it's very hard and crumble's easily. Now I know that one of our Brothers, (Jtrew), has used Ivory and did fairly well on it.

    I think he used a small drill bit, and made a hole just big enough to put the hook through it. One thing about using soap is, it's clean, and cheap.

    If your having problems with Gar, or Turtles, then using this bait will solve your problem. Don't be afraid to try out new baits whatever they are, who knows, you might catch something.....
  10. I bought 3 bars off e-bay at the begining of the years.
    I never caught anything. 3 months of trying, but I was told
    it was for trotlines.I'll never use it again but it might work for someone.
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    I bought 3 bars at the local Food Lion a year ago. Had a lot of fun watching a R &R for several hours doing nothing. Tried it on jugs-again nothing. I still got 1 whole bar and part of another.

    Sunlight makes it brittle, so keep it cool!!!

  12. I'll tell you what though, that zote soap is good soap.
    It will take blood out of a shirt. My wife stole mine.
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    Zote soap only works on trot lines Gentlemen. You are wasting your time trying to use it on R/R. Zote is a VERY slow bite bait.

    Set your trot lines around stump's, that's where I put mine out, and i do pretty good with them. Remember that not ALL bait will work everywhere.

    I have caught mainly 1# to 9# Channels on this bait. I also set out at least two trot lines, and put them in different areas, and depths.

    I was skeptical about using Zote soap at first, but after trying it out, I became a believer in it. It may, or may not work good in your waters.

    Give it another shot, I mean hey it's cheap bait and if you can catch some fish for the table, that's all the better..
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    I have never tried it,but they do have a web site to order from,it has 1
    thing going for it if it does not catch fish for you,use it to wash your
    nasty hands with.
    KIRK ;)
  15. lol, i can just see it now, big mother cats bringing their children over to the soap... saying "Wash your dirty mouth out w/ soap mister... i don't ever want to hear you finning off again"
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    Been using Ivory soap and Zote soap for years to catch channel cats. Most of what we catch is 5 lbs or less(good eating size) Works best in warm water. Ivory soap takes a bit more prep time than Zote, but works well. One point to make is that soap is an overnight bait. Meaning, bait up at dusk and check at sunrise.
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    I always keep a couple of bars of Zote soap on my boat. Where I live it is cheap and easy to find and works fairly well on trotlines in the Summer for channel cats and small blues. If I'm running my lines every 3 or 4 hours I don't use it but for overnight I like it. As mentioned the other fish just don't mess with it.

    In the old days we made soap with clean rendered lard and homemade lye. The fat content is what attracts the catfish as the soap melts. It is why shad, herring, carp and buffalo are good bait too. They are very fat fish. Cats like fat so the soap will work. Zote is not made with gliceryne like a lot of new soaps. My Dad liked Pand G soap and Ivory because they are both old school soaps made with fats.

    Zote is good stuff. Mexicans grate it and use it to wash clothes and it is a pretty good all purpose soap. When it is warm, it is almost the texture of Velveeta cheese. I have been known to melt it, add things like cod liver oil, oil of anise, garlic, salt, fish food flakes and such. Pour it onto a cookie sheet and then slice it into cubes while it is still warm then put it into the fridge. If you do it right it comes out in a bunch of bars like a Hershey bar that you can break into smaller pieces as needed. Cheap, easy and fairly clean.

    Even when I'm running the lines often, I like to bait every 4th hook with the soap for its attraction.
  18. I've been using it for years with great results for channel cats and small blues. It's cheap and easy to find in my area. I use it on trotlines and yo-yos.
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    I've heard about soap for years but was it used baiting trot lines, jugs, etc. because its cheap and works well enough. Just caught a re-run episode of River Monsters where the local people used soap on trot lines and caught catfish. From what I gather, old-school soap is best...animal fat, lye and water...Just like Granny used to make outside in a big old cast iron kettle. I suppose, if you wanted to bother with making it, you could ad something like anise or asafoetida to increase it's appeal to cats.