Why do dogs rub and lay on gross bugs and dead stuff?

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  1. Just a question...my to little dogs found a dead stinky rotten snake and the two dogs were rubbing and rolling on top of the gross thing...
    I've notice that they do it to crikets and bugs...
    anybody have an answer? :confused2:
  2. Because they think it makes them smell good!!!!

  3. postbeetle

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    JW is right. A lot of a dogs brain is its nose. Some would argue just how many brains they have left after that part is taken care of. If you watch them when they roll they try and get the smell on their backs, especially between their shoulders or on their necks, not on their legs or belly.

    Now watch another dog, yours or somebody elses walk up to them. They will approach from the front or in a little circle from the front. After some facial and ear movements have occurred and they think it is safe they will sniff from the front back to the rear end. That smell your guys have on them from what they have rolled in plus their "den" smells identifies them and indicates a certain "rank". No pun intended.

    So, if you really love your dogs, the next time you see a dead coon in the road bring it home. Throw it out in the backyard for the flies a couple of days. Then let your little guys out for the treat of their lives.
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    We use to have a little rat terrier that everytime my wife gave it a bath the dog would run to the neighbors pasture and roll in cow manure untill it's whole body was green. That little critter became an outside dog:roll_eyes:

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    I truly appreciate your medical knowledge on this question as I too have often wondered why dogs do this! As for get some road kill and placing it in my yard for my dogs to have a "treat',thanks but no thanks.We use to have a Golden Retriever who dearly loved to do this.He found a dead cat and rolled in it.Came in the house(I'm a huge dog lover,and want my dogs in the house with me) and the smell was so bad it almost run us out.It may be a normal thing for them to do but it's a :bad_smelly::bad_smelly::bad_smelly: thing for them to do!!!::eek:oooh:SisterPat
  6. LMAO! Once one of my dogs rolled in what was apperently a dead bird. The decayed bird was black, and the dog was black, so when I let him in the house, naturally I petted him, and much to my dismay, I got all that black goo on my hand. I almost barfed. LMAO!:eek:oooh:
  7. I don't "know" but I suspect it is a behavior left over from their "wolf" days. Perhaps an attempt to disguise their smell from prey.
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    the answer is, they're dogs.

    unlike cats which use their tongues to clean themselves - even their rear ends.
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    What issssssss this thing with grass? No not funny weed for you comics out there.Take the dogs out,and next thing I know they eating grass like cattle. I want to get in there faces and asked them if they're confused???? They don't have horns on their heads that I can see,and I sure ain't heard no cow bark!!! Better never either if ya all know what I mean.................:confused2::crazy:
  11. Dogs, in their natural state, are omnivorous. When a wild dog or wolf kills an herbivore, the first thing that they eat is the guts which contains mostly grasses. Mmmm, Yummy. My dog will eat garlic cloves, tomatoes, onions, strawberries, grass, or whatever vegetation she can get ahold of. Supposedly baby carrots are good healthy treats for dogs. They say that when a dog gets a belly ache, they eat grass because it makes them regurgitate. I'm not sure if this is always true. Sometimes dogs will throw it up, but Kasha eats grass daily, and doesn't throw it up. I think she just likes to eat it. They sell little pots of grass at the pet store for pets to eat that are city bound, and don't get a chance to eat grass. Sopposedly it's good for them. Postbeetle, what's your take on this?
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    i have a rat terrier and unfortunately he does similar things .so much stink for such a little dog!last year i took him to the beach and he kept rolling on dead fish i thought it was funny until we got in the car to come home.
  13. PK dogs and cats need to consume some green matter and often dont get it in their diet.In the wild, wolves, foxes, coyotes, etc routinely consume the stomachs of their prey which contains greens.Cats also do the same.If you look at the foods designed for indoor cats most contain the missing ingredients.They also use grass as an emetic which causes them to barf and clear their intestinal tracks.They know what they are doing, trust them.As for rolling in dead stuff , it does go back to their wolf days and it is an attempt to contain their own scent from possible enemies.Now I can understand a 4 lb toy poodle being concerned but even the biggest Danes etc will do it.:smile2::roll_eyes:
  14. that is exactly why they roll in some things. They love cow or horse manure for that reason and will also chew on it to cover the scent of their breath.
  15. i think they do for the same reason my neighbor does it. they just like to be smelly.
  16. Grass is roughage to help move things on through.Meat is lacking in roughage.Cats and dogs will eat grass.It also gives them vegetation.In the wild animals eat the contents of the guts and balance their diet.As for the rolling in filth.Ladies.Your dog is telling you that you stink! It loves you.It is trying to help you.It is showing you how to smell good.It can not comprehend why you wish to stink! Laugh if you wish.It is true.If you don;t believe me,just rub a rotten fish or bird all over you and watch your dog.It will love the way you smell.You will have a very happy dog.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
  17. Simply because dogs are wild animals that have been domesticated?
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    Peewee, that explains why our dogs love to "snoof" our ferret, then. He's been descented (theoretically) but still gets mighty musky-smellin in between baths. They love to snuggle up next to his cage and just absorb the aroma...lol.

    Outdoors, one of their favorite things to rub and roll in is armadillo carcasses. We have a neighbor who shoots those critters because of all their digging. I really wish he'd leave them alone, but if he's bound and determined to reduce their numbers, sure wish he'd clean up the remains when he's done, because the dogs find 'em and leave bits and pieces of their shell all over the yard, once they're done "fragrancing" themselves :eek:oooh:
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    i thought dogs ate grass to settle there stomach?
  20. They may do it just to make you mad LOL!!!!