Which Month is the best month to start catching catfish?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by grunt11b, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. grunt11b

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    Is the best month of the year to Start fishing for catfish? Feb,Mar,Apr? I never really went out before May or June, but can you fish for them this early in Creeks and Lakes or is winter catfishing more of a River thing for those big blues?
  2. I guess that would really depend on what type of fish you are going after. I would say flatheads are the hardest to catch in cold weather. Blues are being caught right now in some areas I am sure in deep water lakes. River fishing right now for me is a no go. Lots of current and 35 degree water... ain't much happening there. Maybe if you know where some deeeeep river water is. I start fishing for flatheads in early april most years, with late april/early may being most productive for me . Channels can also be caught a little earlier than flatheads.


    BIG GEORGE New Member

    I generally get started in March for channels. When the river starts creepin up towards 50 degrees. They can be caught in the winter also. I would think that geography and climate would dictate your best starting time.
  4. I guess that depends a lot on where you are. I remember trying to fish in the winter when I was stationed in Montana and having the wet line freeze solid on my reel. But then, I've seen pictures of people catching cats through the ice. Here in Arkansas, winter fishing often seems to be best below the warm water outlet of a powerhouse, but they're caught elsewhere too. I guess I'm like an old bear; I tend to den up for the winter. But come spring, I get out on the water and catch them kitties.
  5. flathunter

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    Ohio late march early april for channel cats, late april early may for flatheads...Might help if you had where you lived in your profile?;)
  6. Dano

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    East Texas, year round. LOL
    Fishing picks up around end of April and gets better through may, June July for me. The way winters have been here, you can catch cats year round.
  7. In CA we fish all yer round for cats, but I am moving to Indy and i cannot imagine catfishing with snow on the ground in the winter.
  8. Grunt here in Missouri things really start heating up in March but Blues and Channel cats can be caught year round.;)
  9. i've been fishing for Blues and channels all year and im going to start on flatheads come april
  10. Yep, Vince still fishing in shorts. We catfish year round in CA. Brian, dress warm brother;)
  11. tncatfishing

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    This winter has been my first experience fishing for cats in cold weather, without a boat they can be hard to find. My best fishing is in the summer at nightime, will be hitting the fishing holes hard when it starts to warm up.
  12. I think the best month to start catching catfish is the month you start fishing for catfish. here in texas thats pretty much all year other than last month and maybe this month we'll see about march
  13. barnold

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    Here in central Ill. I like to start in March when we get a few warm day in a row. Part of that is I REALY don't like to be cold. After duck season I need a while to warm up!:crying:
  14. WylieCat

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    The best month to start is January, BECAUSE IT IS THE FIRST MONTH!!! LOL!!

    Probably the best bite regradless of where you are at is going to be in the spring and that will be dictated by the water temp. For most places that is going to be April/May.

    You can flat out jerk the channel cats out of the water by the dozen as they move up the creeks to prepare to spawn.
  15. Here in ohio I caught my first channel cat of the year in the middle of january. If I had got to the river more than an hour before dark I'da caught more. If we knew where you was hailing from you might get more precise answers. Up here in winter channels bite durring the daytime,I have no blues, and the flats I haven't caught yet in winter.But I will cause I read it can be done.
  16. Like my buddy Brian & Robb said (Post #8 & #11), here in California we fish year round, but in my home water (the Ca. Delta) I really begin really going after Channels in about March when the water begins to warm-up.

    Take it easy,
  17. Any day, week or month works well to get started. "Because Catching Catfish is Everything!" It doesnt matter on when, it is a matter of getting out and enjoying all that our Sport has to offer. From the personal peace and quiet to being with your family and or good friends as there is no time like the present.
  18. Yesterday it was 74 degrees, should be about the same today! I would say this is excelent catfish weather! I will be going out this afternoon for awhile, to give it a try!