Where to catch shad or skipjack

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by sdhager, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. sdhager

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    I was wondering how to learn to catch shad with a cast net in the mississippi river. Specifically near Winfield if it matters. What type of area do I throw the net?

    How do I know what a good area is?

    I'm sure that skipjack are a pole and line type of thing, but was wondering about them as well. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated.
  2. the blues

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    It's been many years since I've fished that area but I used to motor to the dam on the east side and walk down the bank below the dam to get shad. One throw was usually all it took. Just have to get net up fast or it would be caughy in the rocks. Hope this works. I'm sure there are others who fish that area that can give you info.

  3. bait is tough right now. Normally creek mouths are good for shad but the creek mouths are 20 feet up the bank now.
  4. bubbagut

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    normally yea creek mouths that have flowin water for shad but good luck findin that. also behind the dam right where the sandy chute goes into the river ive caught em. also on the illinois side behind the dam theres a shallow cove you might find some.as far as skipjack goes make some crappie tube jigs with three tubes of different colors and fish them along the rocks on the il side. i use a bass pole with 3\8 ounce weight. or if it aint too murky which it shouldnt be. you can use sabiki rigs. ya gotta cut them down to three hooks to be legal though. i always park my boat at the end of the rocks and walk around tossing the rig about 20-25ft out and let it drop and slowly retrieve. try it high,low fast and slow through there and you should find em-hope this helps.aslo if theres any moored barges try throwing a cast net behind the down river end of the barge