When is the best time of year to catch channel catfish and blue catfish?

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by okie catfishen, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. I am really getting into catfishing on the weekends. The catfish at the lake I have been fishing are finishing up spawning. Is the best time to catch cats before or after the spawning season? Also, How good is catfishing during the winter? Thanks for your help,

    Newcastle, Oklahoma
  2. My best fishing is in feb, march, sept, oct and nov. I seem to have better luck when its cold for bigger fish, IMO. It really depends on where you fish when the best times of year are they are a little different everywhere.

  3. Around here, Channels seem to bite all summer long, winter too if you hit the hot water discharges heh...

    Flatheads have been real hard to come by the last few weeks for me though :crazy: ... Im hoping that turns around pretty soon
  4. My best catfishing times are spring and summer.
  5. I agree with Arlington. Up to early fall say mid oct.
  6. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    For me channels bite best in the spring, and fall.
  7. PeZ

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    I think in oklahoma march is the best month
    but spring and fall in genral are pretty good
  8. The all time best time to fish for channels and blues is when you can get away from the honey do list and get on the water, summer, fall, winter or spring. Now, catching, that may be a different story, though July is usually my best month for channels.
  9. AllenM

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    Last year was my first year seriously catfishing, and I had the best luck in late summer through fall, till it got too cold and made my knees and back hurt too much to go hiking out there to where I normally caught my most/best fish. Likely that this year when it gets coldagain I'll look into some warmer clothes and see if I can't make it work somehow, but I don't know how the catfishing will be where I'm moving to. I may end up becoming a trout fisherman more than a cat fisherman up there.
  10. Crackr

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    For me last year, I had a productive late July all the way into November. My last outing for last year was the weekend just prior to Thanksgiving, in which I landed nothing. For whatever reason, my start this year was the same last year.....sluggish first half of the year, then it turned on the second half. For some it's just the opposite. Hope this helps.
  11. loki1982

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    For quantity id have to say early spring(feb-april). For bigger fish early fall-winter(Oct-Jan).

    Our biggest RnR fish were in December and January. Caught a 15#er in December when it was so cold the water from the cast net was freezing on the boat. It was 28 degrees out that morning. Hooked and lost about a 20# that next January. All during that time period we consistantly caught fish ranging mainly around 5-7# with a few 3#ers and a few 9-10#ers. In March we caught 60 blues/channels in about 10 hours that were 2-4# and nothing bigger. Thats how it seems to be for us the last couple of years more fish in early spring and bigger fish fall/winter.
  12. FishMan

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    fishing is best before, during, and after the spawn. I never fish unless it's spring, summer, fall or winter.

    Have fun, you could spend your life trying to find out when is best and just when you figure out the worst time to fish you could have the best day of fishing in your life.
  13. keith

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    Spring or fall.
  14. catfishcentral

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    The best time to catch catfish is Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.:lol: I catch some of my biggest blues in the Winter Dec through Feb. The prespawn hit's in March and until mid May is probably the best blue fishing time in Oklahoma. Mid May though July catfish will be spawning. There's some that spawn early and some later and catching them consistantly in size or numbers can be tough. The usual spots you catch them can be totally vacant as they move so dang much. Fall is great and then it's Winter again. See no really bad time to fish.
  15. Thank you guys for all your help, This is my first post and it is a lot of fun.

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    Jump right in get both feet wet and see how it works. Great to have you aboard Keith! There's some pretty smart fellas on here that are willing and able to answer your questions, give you serious support, and once in a while "pull your leg". Welcome to the BOC!
  17. okie catfishen - Welcome to the B.O.C.!:0a25: The best time to Catfish is any time you can go! Generally speaking though if the water temp. is above 60* the fishing is usually good.