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  1. tsb

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    Going to Wheeler with a couple of buddies next weekend. Was wondering what's been happening there? Anyone fished it lately, are the shad running--anyone?
  2. Scott ,
    ccat posted today and said the skips are running below the dam

    good fishing

  3. No big shad at wilson are wheeler yet. You trying to catch big fish or eating size.
  4. Kevin N

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    hello all kevin here heading to joe weeler camp myself first vacation in a year here it is only a 2 hr drive from my home so I am told. we live in Birmingham Al. I have always fished Az lakes and a snake river in washington at the locks have most always used Hotdogs and cheese wiz or cut bait every one here is talking skip jack ??? new to me doo you use a net or rod and rea to cathch them or does cut bait work here too ...
    we are planing on being there the 1st to about the 4th I am also a shore fisherman (no boat yet :unhappy: ) we will ahve our lap tops so if anyone is around then I normaly always have coffee

    looking to hopefully relax and catch some great fish ..

    Kevin N ​
  5. Kevin N

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    well fished here at wheeler two night nowand caught 3 fish (cats) reports around is that they just aren't biteing yet ??? I thought cats bit all year these souther fish and odd only biteing at sertin times Arizona cats bit all year !!! well did catch a few
  6. They have started spawning. It is going to be a slow few weeks till the spawn is over.
  7. Fished below dam this morning 1 turbine running there was no bait fish running. few small channel cat biteing slow. blue cat was not there. no skips either.