What types of catfish are in michigan

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  1. I know there are flats and channels.... but are there any blues up there?

  2. I'm not 100 percent certain but I am pretty sure that there aren't. At least not in my area...that I've ever heard of. How's that for a definite answer? As far as I know blues are mainly (which ain't much I'll admit) blues are mainly found in pretty large rivers and lakes.

  3. Are you from Michigan Marshall? Not seen too many Michiganders on the BOC.
  4. hey thanks, I actually live in Missouri, where the big blues are lol, but my mom lives in southwest mich. so I was wonderin wat kinda stuff to bring with me, i come up there summer, winter, and sometimes spring (add break to the end of each of those seasons)
  5. I have been catfishing off & on for years but never seriously until I got bit by the cattin bug this fall when we were living in texas for a while. That said, I'm probably not the best one to ask about flatheads or blues. As far as the channel cats around here you just need to go to the grocery store & stock up on chicken liver. It's the best bait for channels I've ever found.

    As to flatheads, I just emailed the DNR the other day & they told me that:

    "Flathead catfish are typically found in large rivers in south west​

    Michigan. The lower Grand, Kalamazoo, and St. Joe all have flatheads. As​

    you move upstream in these systems, the type of habitat that the​

    flatheads like becomes more limiting and the rivers get smaller. We only find​

    flatheads in the lower 30 miles of these rivers."​
    In your area the Grand River should be pretty good.
  6. Thanks, I know where to get channels and flats, but i was just wonderin about blues...
  7. If you know the good spots for flats up there maybe you could show me where to find 'em:) lol
  8. ill see if there still there this summer, how big do you want?
  9. Biggest I've caught so far was well under 10lbs
  10. those are the best kind to eat...
  11. I can't believe that Michigan forum is still alive :0a5:. I haven't caught anything but the Flats and Channels so I'm not sure about blues. From what I've heard is that there isn't any in Michigan.
  12. There has never been a Blue Catfish caught in Michigan as long as they have been keeping records. I fish cats a lot, and there are people who tell me they catch blues all the time, but they don't even know what a Blue looks like. I have contacted the Michigan DNR, and they say there has never been a Blue caught in Michigan. So, if you catch one, even if it is 10", take it to the DNR office. " You have a State Record" LOL
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    are there any giant cats up in wolverine country. i mean 50# plus
  14. There might be but if so they're pretty rare. The biggest I've heard about in these parts was a 40lb flattie.
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    I've always believed we have 50# fish in the Grand. Last Summer I got to see one that was in the 40+ range for sure. We had landed a 33lb flat allready that night and this fish was much larger. After a sizzling run upstream directly under the boat the fish turned and headed back downstream. We got a look at the fish as it surfaced just downstream of the boat. Biggest flathead I've ever seen in the Grand. The fish ran downstream back into the log jam and snapped 50lb braid like it was nothing. Everyone in the boat, including me, was stunned. I changed over all my livebait rods to 80lb after that day.

  16. I have never heard of anyone catching any Blues in Michigan (except after recent Ohio State football games). Without a doubt there are some good channels up there and I would be willing to guess that there are some huge flatheads in those lakes.............They don't call them great for nothing.