What can I feed my minnows to keep them alive?

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  1. I have about 5 dozen minnows and a dozen crawdads left from a very unsuccessful night of fishing at Konawa last night. I want to keep them for tomorrow. Some have died and I figured they was hungry.

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    I dont think you should worry botu feeding them for jsut a day..fact fo the matter is..you will lose some..

    ive kept up to 4 lbs of minnows for up to 2 months and never fed them anything..always lose a few a day though

    got soem great info on here in chat and in the livewell bait tank section..they told me the food trashes up your tank also

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    my dad always used crumbled oats. just 3 or 4 oat will feed dozens of minnows...
  4. I would not feed them for only 2 or 3 days. I keep minnows alive for 2 months in the summer time by putting one of those little weekenders fish feeders in the tank, ever few days when the other one is gone. You can get them at wal-mart for fish tanks in the house. Its not messy and they only eat when they want.
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    my uncle feeds his dry dog food (not much though, or it will get nasty in there)
  6. Well, they all died. I think the crawdads chomping on them had something to do with it though, lol. Now I'm obsessed with keeping crawdads alive. Im getting a 40 gallon fish tank and Im gonna keep crawdads in it. The wife thinks they look cool, but they are really for bait! Recon they will breed?
  7. They will all die if you dont have areation going through the bucket with that many fish in there...I used to just give them a few pieces of bread..Just 2-3 peasized pieces or the tank wil get gross
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    Craws have to be kept in shallows where they can surface and get some air and they really, really stink. The smell is why most bait stores don't handle them. Good luck.
  9. I would exchange the water with non chlorinated water from a lake,pond or well. If they are in the garage where it is cold you should not need to feed them as they should be pretty much dormant. I would place the craws in a much bigger tank or they will die. I would suggest a 300 gallon poly tank that will hold your minnows/perch AND your craws for later use.. The tank should cost $120.00 at Tractor Supply.
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    Well i never let the crawdads have air in my 55 gal but i had lots of aireation with my pumps and filters. But the fish i had were big enough to eat them also. I even had some real big ones in there. I had 2-3 year old oscars that would weigh around 2-3 pounds each. I fed them minnows. As far as feeding minnows get some flake fish food they will eat that eagerly.

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