Wels catfish in the USA

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  1. Has there evn been a report of a wels catfish being caught in the US??? They fuss about Flatheads here in SE PA, can you imagine if one of these things got loose!!!!!
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    Probably reek havok on the other species of fish in that eviroment. Ive got a link to a page that has alot of clip of ppl catching them. Even one clip of a wels underwater hitting the bait that is very interesting. But I dont know if its ok to post it here.

  3. That'd be neat to watch.
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    that would be awesome to see
  5. I don't see why you couldn't post that, unless you had to pay to get in.
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    WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ALL ABOUT? If they dont have wels in the us, They should put some in the paylakes if you ask me!
  7. No True, the Wels should not be stocked in pay lakes or anywhere else in North America just for a priviledged few to get the opportunity to catch one. They are a non-native fish, of which we have too many. Should a pay lake be flooded and the Wels get into a waterway, we do not know what it will do to other fish. Sure, they get big, can be real monsters, but that takes years. Meanwhile, do you want them competing with channels, blues, and flatheads, not to mention all the other game fish? Keep foreign fish foreign.
  8. not only is flooding away to infiltrate a species but birds carry eggs on their feet , then theres always human transplanting . the best way to prevent the spread of foriegn species is to avoid there existence
  9. Any link to that video of one feeding?
  10. Although I think it would be awesome to catch one of those monsters, I would have to agree that introducing them into US waters could be a big mess.

    The thought of the red-tailed catfish comes to my mind. For those of you who are not familiar with this one, it is a South American catfish that was brought to the US for Aquarium lovers. The only problem is that they are too big for aquariums. They can grow up to 4 feet long and eat anything. Some of them have made it into urban lakes and waterways after the owners didn't want them anymore.

    Just my opinion, I would prefer to travel to Europe and experience them in native waters. It would be a trip to remember.

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    nice fish.how much did it weigh.
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    The Wels need to stay in Spain,no place for em here!:big_smile:
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    OK, let us do a deal.
    I send you 10 Wels for one Tigermuskie!

    I'd love to have that muskys in Germany, but maybe it is better not to influence our ecological systems.
    Especially if it is a predator like the Wels.

  14. Kai welcome to the BOC, I agree. You keep your fish and we'll keep ours. lol No telling what damage it would do to our ecosystem already in place. If I want one bad enough I'll have to jump on a plane. But they are beautiful fish!!
  15. I just read in the paper that we have over 200 exotic species right now in lake erie. The article was about a barrier for those flying asian carp that are headed to the lake. Down south they have taken over some systems. In 20 yrs when they have overran all the rivers then maybe we can import some wels to thin them out. Unless everyone wants to convert to carp fishing. I wouldn't have a problem with it. All the other fish will be gone anyway cause there isn't gonna be anything left for them to eat. I'm pretty sure a 200lb wels can eat some of those 5olb carp lol. Plus they look fun to catch.
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    Hi Teaysvalley,

    I think the Wels would be a serious problem in your warmer regions, because if he has got warm water all the year, than he will grow and eat all much more
    than in our regions.
    In Spain or Italy they still have not too warm winters, but warmer as in Germany. In Germany the Wels is native, but our population is by far not as big as in Spain or Italy where the Wels was imported about 30 to 40 years ago!
    Now imagine what could happen in Florida and which species would become very rare...!
  17. very good point!!
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    Those flying asian carp got introduced here through a farm pond down south. One flood and BAM... there they are in the Mississippi. And they are eating all the shad's food (and the spoonbill's). The ecosystem seems to be in a bit of a problem because of them now.

    And yes, a 200# wels can might be able to eat a 50# carp, but what's going to eat that carp when it reaches 90# (in as little as 9 years) or even bigger (known to reach over 110#). And before that carp gets itself eaten, it's already eaten enough for hundreds (or thoughsands) of shad and other plankton eating fish.
  19. i would hope that we have learned from asian carp not to introduce nuisance species. i personally would rather catch a flat and a blue than a wels. wels looks like a grinnel with a head of a catfish. and those asian carp are gonna be the downfall of the american river catfish IMO. i have seen them jumping in videos and it appears the mississippi is overrun!
  20. nice catches.....