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  1. does anyone fish this tourney in jesup in may
  2. Catfish_Commando

    Catfish_Commando TF Staff Member

    Scooter wants to fish it this year..

    I will be out in the jet boat running and gunning with him.

    He got anchor, all I needed to hear.

    Zoooom - Drop Anchor - 10 minutes - Adjust baits - 5 Minutes - Raise anchor - Zoom...

    Repeat process forever..

    He will not feel his arms after that many hours..

    LOL! :Happy:

  3. You better get some real bait this year,and leave those little pecker long goldfish alone.
  4. Catfish_Commando

    Catfish_Commando TF Staff Member

    Finally found a steady supply of large bluegills with a back-up source..
  5. I fished the first one. I will be fishing again this year.
  6. katmax

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    how you gnna get a pecker long goldfish on a 10/0 circle hook.....:rotfl:
  7. You have'nt watched Paul's videos,Have ya???
  8. frydaddy40

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    I will be fishing in it to. Makes my second time,struck out the both times.
    Landed some small fish but nothing to compete. Fishing some different water this
    time. :cool:
  9. cool thanks guys it sounds like fun wondering if i needed to take off on saturday or not
  10. fannin2009

    fannin2009 New Member

    I havefished it every year and good lord willing I will never miss one I love it and its a blast and yeah ole buddy you need to take off saturday good luck man if I can help any give me a holler !
  11. greg

    greg USCA - STAFF Staff Member

    I would love to hit this one this year but not in the cards. Good luck to y'all and be safe on the river.
  12. im still thinking about it but i wont be able to get over there to practice at some locations i have never fished that river so i have no idea where to even go it will be a put in the water and see what i can do kinda thing and im not sure if its worth $200 on a guessing game but but we will see
  13. I fished it the first year didnt know they were still having it is it still 26hrs long
  14. goshawk

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  15. fannin2009

    fannin2009 New Member

    Yep minimum $200 per boat and yep still 26 hours
  16. frydaddy40

    frydaddy40 New Member

    Still a great way to spend 26 hours.:smile:
  17. Less than two weeks away. Getting ready and can't wait.
  18. ohiocattin15

    ohiocattin15 New Member

    do you guys think this will fill up? looks like it would be a monster pay out if it did
  19. srdragon

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    Is anyone fishing in this tournament? Just trying to find out how it is going. Also, would like to know what the river stage is now.