Wal-Mart shad?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by tugrivercater, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. tugrivercater

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    ok I live in far eastren ky and there isent and shad native to my fishing waters but i hear from you all that its a good bait. my local wal-mart sells shad in packs of 5 or 6 and i was wondering if the wal-mart shat would be any good seing how its been dead for who knows how long... next queastion is how should it be fished? whole or cut? there pretty big.. thanks
  2. I've never used them, but I have only heard bad things about them. Yuo should be able to find some kind of natural bait in your area.

  3. DON'T waste your money. Those things are dried up, and not worth a darn. Cacth you some Bream, Crappie, etc. And use them for bait.
  4. alot of what i have read about the packaged shad is that the oils in them that attract fish have been removed and the shad are then packaged for sale. I would try to get natrual baits from the water you fish.
  5. fat_fish55

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    yep them fish gotta be eating something
    find out what and hammer them!!
    good luck
    hey and it doesnt hurt to try them if they suck dont use them but if they happen to work then there ya go
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    I just used some this weekend the stinkbait outdid it easily. The only reason I bought is because I was not able to get some fresh but I will surely not buy it again.
  7. Listen to the katmaster. Good advice there. Those packaged shad aren't worth the plastic bag they are put in.
  8. I find it difficult to believe that there are not shad in your waters. That said, I do not know which waters you fish. I would highly recommend a cast net and throw it into the whitewaters of your nearest spill way. Any rough fish will work. I use them cut. Actually have had great luck with the fillets, not just the bloody part.

    Good Luck
  9. Be careful where you throw a cast net at the spillway. Deer Creek you have to be 1000 feet from the dam. Just check the regulations in your area.
  10. tugrivercater

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    are creek chubs a form of shad??? my nearest spill way is over am hour away. i fish the tug fork river on the ky/wv border.
  11. Pastor E

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    The only fish they catch are the ones buying them if i were you i would try small sunfish we call them bream:smile2: :smile2: :smile2:
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    Never tried the Wal-Mart shad, but I've had good luck with the ones from the river.
  13. In Ohio the new regulation is you may castnet at any dam unless posted. Great new rule!!!!

    CATFISHPAT New Member

    Hey Brother,You need to find out what they are eating everyday and feed that to them.Fresh is allways Best.unless you got some HOG WILD......:cool2:
  15. dcaruthers

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    Stay away from them Tommy, they are crap. The oils are taken out for use in other baits before packaging.
  16. the only thing they are good for is something to snack on for yourself
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    Glad I read this, I was about to go try some of thos esuckers. Guess I need to invest in a cast nest.
  18. Some one left some in the package at the fishing hole. I tried ONE. No bites.
    We left in a hurry due to rain. Get ready to go fishing several days later and the shad is still on the hook. Must be some powerful preservatives in them.
    Normally a shad is good for one fishing experience. Best advice I could give would be get a cast net. Start small, keep it away from jagged rocks and stumps. :big_smile:
  19. Don't believe chubs are kin to shad. In some of the lake, I get shad, but one place I launch, its mostly small 'gills when I cast my net. Those work well, cut or whole. While its nice to cast into moving water like at a spillway, most anywhere on the body of water you fish should get you some kind of bait fish.
  20. tncatfishing

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    They are a waste of money and time. Fresh bait is the best.