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  1. t-bird

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    Anybody ever fish the Trinity River?
  2. pat muckelroy

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    I have not fished this river, but I go to Richland/chambers lake not far from the trinity. I hear the Trinity is a good catfish and gar river. I have caught flatheads up to 72 lbs from Richland/chambers and blues up to 38 lbs. Lots of good areas to fish. I use live perch almost all the time. I always say I am going to try the Trinity and the Brazos and never have. Give us a report after your trip as I would like to know about any hazardous conditions that may be present and how best to fish it. Pat Muckelroy

  3. rudetech1

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    As much as possible. The big tourney is June 1st from fort Anahuac. Hoping to fish that too!:lol:
  4. coolarrow2

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    I fish the Trinity all the time. I Fish around Liberty and have for years. I chase after catfish, bass and of course gar. I'm a avid bowfisherman for gar. A perfect weekend would be running line all weekend while camping on the sand bar and gar fishing during the day!!!
  5. Ive fished the elm fork of the trinity river alot around lewisville
  6. jstall

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    I use to fish the Trinity River a lot. I liked below the dam, years ago. The problem with the Trinity is it is not a boat ramp friendly river. To expensive and to hard to get a boat in. If you get in you are going to catch fish.
  7. Cat Hunter

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    Well it depends on were you live on the river. There are alot of bans on eating fish you catch out of the river in certain parts. There is not alot of good fishing in the dallas area. Further south closer to lake livingston is a better bet, but you have to pay attention to the fishing bans on eating them. I used to work for the trinity river authority and they have seen many volatile chemicals in the fish tissue in the river. I have personally seen 20 lb gar floating belly up around ennis and corsicana areas. I would be careful with what i eat. But if you just want to catch and release on thr river stay south of the dallas area to catch quality fish.
  8. the elm fork is free of chemicals ive fished it for years and have been eatting fish from it for years never gotten sick i was told that the LLELA park the fish where tested and came up clean and its north of dallas
  9. Cat Hunter

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    I am not saying that all fish on the river are unedible but really most fish south of the metroplex I would nto advise eating. Right now in segments 841 and 841a on the river have issuses with legacy pollutants (i.e. PCBs and Chlroinated pesticdes). These pollutants come form urban runoof from fertilizers and pesticides. These are not good for you to be eating. The chemicals are in the fish tissue, and after a prolonged intake of the chemicals you can get certain types of cancer and other illnesses. If you stay north of the metroplex you should be fine. The problem is the river in those areas is not very big. The river actually orignates from water runoff across a gravel road up in far north texas. The river gets much wider south of the metroplex, problem is all the contamination from the cities and people who live in the cause the fish to have these pollutants in there fish tissue. All I am saying is be careful, fishing is suposed to be fun not do damage to your health.
  10. From the Trinity River Lock and Dam downsteam, the fish are safe to eat. Acutally, in much of the other parts of river, there isn't necessarily a ban on eating the fish, but advisories about contaminants. Below Lake Livingston, there's not much to pollute the water as it makes it way to the bay.
  11. The areas where there are actual bans, according to TPWD, are:

    Trinity River from the 7th Street Bridge in Fort Worth, downstream to the Texas 34 Bridge in Kaufman and Ellis Counties southeast of Dallas
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    If you want the information on the fishing consumption bans you can go to the TCEQ website or the trinity river authority website for all the information, on what pollutants are in the fish tissue and where. The company I work for has a major roll in thr Trinity River Restoration Project, I see this data all day long. The EPA and City of Fort Worth are doing a study right now trying to find the cause for the PCBs in the fish tissue in the areas of the river flowing through Fort Worth.
  13. Cat Hunter

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    Here is a link to the TCEQ website with diffrent TMDLs the TCEQ has either in place or will in the near future for all 303d listed streams. These include the west fork, clear fork. Which also include the counties of Ellis, Parker, Dallas, Kaufman, Navarro, and Tarrant. This is just the TMDLs for the upper trinity river basin. You can explore the website for more further downstream.

    You can make your own conclusion to the Trinity River Delima.
  14. The best place to find out about fish bans and advisories is the agency that issues them. Thats the Texas Department of Health. Here is there verdict on the upper Trinity:

    TPWD is charged with enforcing the ban on keeping fish from waters with bans, so is an authoritative source for information also. TPWD receives the information from the health folk.