Tournament on the KASKASKIA RIVER.

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    Thanks for the welcoming!
    I'll try not to stir up to much Travis. LOL!
    Our trip didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. We fished south of New Athens. We put out 4 trotlines. 2 in the channel and 2 floaters in the oxbows. 1 of the floaters I suspect somebody messed with. It had not 1 piece of bait, not 1 fish, and 1 of the hooks was cut off when we checked it in the am. Caught 4 3-4pound channels on the other floater. Only 1 small flathead and 7 blues on the channel lines. The biggest was about 10-12pounds, which was the only 1 we ended up cleaning. The river actually dropped a few inches overnight and I suspect that was the reason we didn't do so well. Fished the same areas acouple weeks ago and did real well. Ohh well thats fishing. Can't catch em on the couch.
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    I agree, falling water has never been very good to me either. If you want to check the local river levels, just go to the "online resources" under "catfish publication" on the forum home page, click on weather forecasts, then click on "river/stream", then click on the st. louis area on the map. I'd imagine though, that you probably know where to the read the gauges. I might head out there this weekend at night as long as the river stabilizes.

  3. Good luck to those fishing the tourney as we have decided not to fish it. Work has kept me from doing any pre-fishing and have just too many things to do. Might get the lines wet on the kasky saturday night as long as its not too miserably hot.
  4. Was wondering were you was last night at the meeting Travis . Don't look like you will be missing much . The guy said he is expecting about 20 boats , but only 6 at the meeting . He hopes to grow bigger by next year . They will have to get some better rules or I don't see it happening .

    We drew 3rd. and from the talk of everyone they are all heading south . The guy scared them of the north part

    We are headed north for sure and might work our way down if we get no action .
  5. Yeah we talked it over and decided to head to granite-city and watch a dirt race instead. Thinking about drifting some baits around tonight though. Not too sure how that will work out with the river dropping as fast as it is. How did the tourney end up?
  6. Man , the bite was terrible . We caught 3 dinks 15 inch if you stretched them

    No one was catching anything but small channels . One team had 150 bank poles set out and caught 4 very small channels . We set a 25 hook trot line and fished 10 rod and reels .

    There was a dozen boats , everyone went north but one boat headed south they was from Missouri and was going to fish New Athens area .

    Not sure the results yet , us and 2 other teams packed it up and left around 6 a.m. No way I was weighing in those little

    The river is dropping quick and must be affecting the fishing .
  7. are they gonna have the tournament again this year i made the last 5 and had a good time was just wondering