The Lake Lanier rumor?

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    I have been hearing for a long time now that there are absolute monster catfish in lake lanier by the dam but i hear of nobody catching any. I also hear that divers see big chunks of catfish that have been chopped up by the dam letting out water ( dont know how that works ). Does anybody know of these monsters or are these rumors just made up. THANKS
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    As far as I know, Lanier only has channels and white cats, but mainly channels. 90% of the cats I catch from Lanier are 1lb or lower. I've only had luck on nightcrawlers and small cut bait.

    I might try tomorrow evening from the bank near West Bank with some bluegill on the bottom for some cats/stripers. I'll let ya know if I get any luck. Usually I only get small spotted bass, 3lb or less. I don't have a boat so that's about all I can do.

    I have 2 goals before I leave Georgia... a 10lb+ cat from Lanier, and a striper from the bank from Lanier (a buddy of mine says it cant be done).

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    the largest channel that I have caught on lanier is 8 lbs. but I know that there are biger ones. I have caught some small flat heads on the upper end. I have been told that there are some blues but I havn't caught one.
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    I've heard the same dam story about numerous dam's , it's one of america's greatest tall tales about catfishing.
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    I must agree. The Chicken truck that ran in the lake and the divers wouldn't go back in because the catfish were so large. I work between Hartwell and Lanier and I've hear the so story about both.

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    same ole story...........different lake

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    :sad2: sorry not the news you wanted to hear.
  8. Well I see a lot of locals that refer to the white cats as blues and a few that have called bullheads flatheads. Ive been catching decent sized cats since march and we just broke the ten pound mark the other day in the flat creek area. If you are having troubles catching the channels over 5lbs use chunked bluebacks. I hear people repping the bluegills on this lake but the herring outfish the gils 10 to 1 every time.
  9. Your buddy has misinformed you. We have done both and we have caught a ton of stripers from the bank this year. Granted the stripers are getting harder to catch from the bank but it can still be done at the right times. And 12lbs is the biggest catfish this year from lanier. I think weve had bigger but no true monster catfish 40lb+. So it can be done ya just have to put in the time and keep your ears open when people get to talkin
  10. heres a couple pics the catfish was a little over 11lbs but Im a fisherman and I say he was 12 LOL
    and the big one in this pic was 9lbs
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    Nice catch. Way to go. Were they all from Lanier?
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    Lanier has a decent population of flat heads if you know where to find them. I ran into a couple of guys there last summer who were noodling for flatheads and said they've taken quite a few by hand. They looked like pretty honest guys so I'm taking their word for it. Most of my catches have been channels and bullheads though.
  13. Yup and that striper was caught at the bridge on Mcever from the month march till mid May we were having a lot of striper action in that area but since the boats and heat has increased we havent seen many.