Suwannee River / Okefenokee Swamp

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  1. Foxhound

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    Do any of you guys fish this area......I remember years ago we would go spend a week at a fish camp down there in May and catch some of the biggest warmouth Ive ever seen and a bunch of catfish and jack. We would use a cut off cane pole and bounce crawfish up and down against the cypress trees kinda like fishing for sheephead. I dont remember the name of the fish camp but I do remember to fish the swamp you had to put in and go down this long canal. You could buy live crawfish in coffee cans almost any store you stopped at.
  2. max kravig

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    Fished it a few times in the late 60s. Like you said, short pole and crawdads. We would skull a 12ft jon around the cypress for warmouths. Haven't done it since then.